A CAD revolution for tools

The digital chain, design and manufacture of the tooling

  1. Open and flexible CAD software
  2. Accelerated 3D design of cavity blocks
  3. Professional tools for 3D tooling design
  4. Unique parametric components!
  5. Kinematic simulation and verification
  6. Rheological simulation
  7. Automated production file
  8. A fully integrated PDM
CAD tooling software

Open and flexible CAD software

  • TopSolid'Mold supports communication with most of the formats on the market
  • Import Step, IGES, DXF/DWG, Solidworks, PTC, Catia, NX...
  • Verification and repair tools for imported models
Computer aided design - TopSolid'Mold

Accelerate the 3D design of core cavities

  • Shrinkage factor management, globally or differentially
  • Rapid analysis of undercuts and undercutting of plastic parts
  • Automatic detection of parting lines
  • Computer-aided creation of parting line surfaces
  • Management of block inserts as soon as the cavities are separated
3D tooling modeling software

3D tooling design tools

  • Model your ideas without restriction, express your creativity!
  • Hybrid 3D solid / surface design and modeling
  • Dedicated business commands
    • Layout and definition of carcass
    • Regulation circuits
    • Movements: fingers, drawers, rising wedges
    •   Feeding circuits
    •   Ejection
    •   Kinematic simulation of the tooling
Computer-aided manufacturing

Parametric components, unique!

  • TopSolid'Mold allows you to capitalize on your know-how. When profitability meets your innovation!
  • CAD software with the most complete parameterization engine on the market, totally integrated and without programming
  • Integrated machining processes
  • Numerous native libraries: Hasco, Meusburger, Rabourdin, DME and many others
Computer-aided design software

Kinematic simulation and verification

  • Easily collaborate with your teams by visualizing tooling operating principles with our tooling CAD software.
  • Check for possible collisions before going into production
  • TopSolid'Mold allows you to easily and efficiently simulate all types of mechanical connections:
    •  Demoulding finger with management of the opening delay
    •  Rising wedge
    •  Unscrewing (cylinders, racks, pinion cascades)
CAD software

Rheological simulation

  • In close collaboration with Simcon, TopSolid'Mold, a tooling CAD software, offers several levels of rheological simulation:
    •  TopSolid'PlasticFlow, which is totally integrated and allows a first level of analysis before the tooling is made
    •  For a more detailed analysis, TopSolid'Mold offers a dedicated and direct interface with the Simcon software suite
  • These tools allow you to anticipate molding problems and optimize production cycles.
3D Design

Automated production file

  • Focus on your added value thanks to the automation of repetitive and tedious tasks with TopSolid'Mold CAD software
  • Automatic creation of standardized, dimensioned and tooling-specific drawings
  • Automated drawing sets (assembly of several drawings)
  • Detailed parts lists (plates, ejectors, fixtures, etc.) necessary for procurement and purchasing.
  • TopSolid'Mold CAD software allows for export in many formats (3D PDF, STEP, DXF, DWG, etc.)

A fully integrated PDM

  • Integrated and transparent PDM, making it easy to use.
  • Improves collaboration between sites, teams, and people.
  • Streamlines engineering and production processes.
  • Reduces the risk of errors in 3D design and manufacturing.
  • TopSolid'Mold CAD software increases productivity by capitalizing on knowledge.
  • Manages minor/major revisions of all types of documents (part, assembly, etc.)
  • Manages data and access security and tracks modifications.
  • TopSolid'Mold manages the life cycle of products.
  • Deployable as a single user, in a local network or in a multi-site environment
  • Search by metadata and by use case


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