Mechanical industry

A shift to absolute perfection

Because the mechanical sector is no longer general and has become more and more specific

Following the arrival of CAD/CAM systems, all parts are now carefully worked and demands are even higher. The globalization of production activities has made this sector fiercely competitive. And the spread of complex machines (5-axis, MillTurn) has also changed the image of this sector. The requirements have changed, with the need to retrieve 3D parts, to make them compliant and apply tolerances for machining, plus the need for more communication with the workshop. For all of these reasons, TopSolid is now essential in every mechanical subcontractor's workshop.

Because customers want their parts right now...

Today, delivery lead times are just as important as the price. Except in the case of major production runs, the programming of parts must no longer be an obstacle. TopSolid is sufficiently flexible to allow for extremely rapid and scalable programming and to integrate all the changes through a compare/replace process.

"General" machining is a thing of the past!

This field of activity has seen the arrival of precision, repeatability, complex materials, new machines, tools and strategies. And if you factor in the drop in sale prices, then you can see that you need a programming system like TopSolid that integrates these parameters in a manner that is surprisingly easy to use, in order to boost your productivity.

A solution for everything

Thanks to its versatility and its wealth of functions, TopSolid manages the creation of simple or complex drilling, simple or multi-axis positioned or continuous grinding, and lathing with unlimited axes in an identical manner. It also supports electric discharge machining. Its unique and modern ergonomics are perfectly consistent, which means that it is much easier to get started. 

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