Technical Support

A first level support for TopSolid products is provided through our VAR (Value-Added Resellers). Before contacting support, the following references can be used to answer many common questions and issues:

If the references listed above do not provide an answer to your question or issues, please contact your local VAR. When contacting your VAR, the technical support engineer will need to know the following:

An accurate and complete description of the question or issue. Send screen shots and notes for specific comments. Microsoft Paint can be used to capture and annotate an image. Use Alt + Print Screen and paste the results into a paint program.

If you notice any systematic pattern at all, suggest that to the technician. It might give him a clue. "It always happens on assembly mates", "It only happens when I use my spaceball", etc.

In addition, the support engineer may need the files that are causing the problems. For TopSolid v6, do not forget to use File > Links in TopSolid to save the complete project with all linked documents like drawings, assemblies and parts. These files should be zipped to save space.

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