Complete CAD Solution for Progressive Tools and Dies Makers

Import and Analyze 3D data with TopSolid'Progress

Data Exchange

TopSolid'Progress opens and works with most types of CAD Data.

  • Read Native and Neutral Formats
    • Catia v4, Catia v5-6, Creo, NX
    • Solidworks, Inventor, SolidEdge
    • Parasolid, STEP, IGES
    • More information
  • Specific features to repair, clean and analyze imported geometries
  • Conversion into sheet metal, identification of thickness and bends
Design Strip Layouts with TopSolid'Progress

Strip Layout Design

TopSolid'Progress makes Strip Layout Design easier with a set of specific Features:

  • Unbending with loss management, global or local unstamping
  • Specialized punching operation
  • Bending and forming management
  • Step-by-step calculation of intermediate unstamping steps 
  • Calculation of Forces
Cutting Die Operation with TopSolid'Progress

3D Tooling Features

TopSolid'Progress improves your design productivity with dedicated Tooling features:

  • Die Base creation
  • Cutting Punches and Dies
  • Bending Punches and Dies, with overbending management
  • Forming Punches and Dies
  • Springs Wizard
Die Base Wizard and Smart Components in TopSolid'Progress

Smart Components

TopSolid'Progress provides Smart Components libraries of major manufacturers

  • MDL, Fibro
  • Hasco, Meusburger, Rabourdin, DME Europe
  • PCS, Progressive, DME Inch
  • Futaba, Misumi

Smart Components make their own operations and features, called "Processes", ready to manufacture with TopSolid'Cam

Angle Punch Mechanism with TopSolid'Progress


TopSolid'Progress provides specific kinematics features to animate and control Tooling movements.

  • Visualize the complete open/close cycle of the Tool
  • Check for possible collisions before going into Production
  • Simulate precisely all type of Tool movements
    • Punches, Stripper
    • Angular Cams
    • Gears, Racks, Hydraulic Cylinders
Strip Layout Drawing and Die Plate with Drilling Table in TopSolid'Progress

Documents for Manufacturing

TopSolid'Progress creates all necessary production-ready documents, such as:

  • 2D Drawings
    • Strip Layout views, punching areas, pilot holes, operations notes
    • Specific "Open Book" Tooling Views
    • Detailed views (dimensions, tolerances, drilling tables, ...)
  • Accurate Bill of Materials:
    • List of parts to manufacture
    • List of components to buy
    • Automatic Indexing
  • Exploded Assemblies with Mounting/Dismounting steps
TopSolid'Progress integrated with TopSolid'Pdm

Integrated PDM

TopSolid'Progress is natively integrated with TopSolid'Pdm, providing a unique user experience.

  • One Application, One User Interface
  • Improves collaboration between sites, teams, and people.
  • Reduces the risk of design and manufacturing errors.
  • Manages Revisions of all types of documents (part, strip design, progressive die, etc.).
  • Secure access to data (user's rights) and tracks all changes.
  • Find documents by criteria, by references, by use cases.
Manufacture your parts using TopSolid'Cam

Optimize your Production

TopSolid'Progress is directly connected to TopSolid'Cam and TopSolid'Wire.

Perfect integration between design department and the manufacturing department.

  • TopSolid solutions are 100% compatible with each other
  • Associative and parametric, no interoperability problems
  • Easy to implement and flexible
  • Work in a secure and collaborative environment


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