The cutting and stamping CAD/CAM solution for toolmakers

Design complete tools in 3D

  1. Easy retrieval of all your customers' digital 3D data
  2. Quick calculation of unfoldings and material engagements
  3. Define the strips, cuts, folds and deformations
  4. Use a comprehensive library of die sets and standard components
  5. Design active parts, guides, springs, inserts, punches and dies with their clearances and tolerances
  6. Simulate tool movements
  7. Produce drawings, BOMs and drilling tables
  8. Machine all the parts directly

TopSolid’Progress helps you prepare your engineering projects

  • Standard and native interfaces: IGES, STEP, DXF / DWG, CATIA, PTC, Parasolid, SAT
  • Data clean-up and repair
  • Conversion into sheet metal, identification of folds, loss management
  • Unbending/unstamping
  • Nesting, material engagement
  • Strip creation by specific operation: cutting, folding, deformation, shearing

TopSolid’Progress makes strip design easier

  • Unbending (with management of losses in folds) and unstamping
  • Definition of characteristics of strips, multi-part strips, assembly strips, transferred stations
  • Specialized cutting, folding, deforming and shearing operations
  • Step-by-step calculation of intermediate shaping and unstamping steps 
  • Insertion and removal of stations
  • Calculation of multi-pass cylindrical stamping, supports
  • Calculation of efforts

TopSolid’Progress capitalizes on your work

  • Assembly of mold bases, standard plates, user plates, foundry plates
  • Standard die bases, customizable die base assembly libraries
  • Standard component libraries by supplier: guides, attachments, cutting, drivers, springs, accessories
  • Automatic and associative dimensioning of standard components, installation wizards
  • Automatic machining with parts in contact, customizable clearances
  • Addition of user components

TopSolid’Progress improves the quality of your engineering

  • Cutting matrices, clearance management, release of cut-offs
  • Cutting punches, shoulders, heads, wave cutting
  • Folding punches and matrices, advanced management of overfolding
  • Deformation punches and matrices
  • Insert blocks
  • Kinetics wizard with collision detection

TopSolid’Progress reduces your production time

  • Collaborative design methodology
  • Automatic stock calculation
  • Strip drawing, cut-out zones, drivers, notes describing the operations
  • Overall drawings (standard views or open book), interruption of sections to check the heights
  • Automatic and indexed BOMs
  • Automatic detail drawings, dimensions with tolerances, drilling tables

TopSolid’Progress to produce and manage

  • Assisted organization by assemblies and levels
  • Direct and associative links with TopSolid’Cam and TopSolid’Wire for the workshop CAM


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