Manage your projects from study to production

Digital design and machining chain for wood industry

  1. Useful functions for the wood industry
  2. Unlimited 3D modeling
  3. Powerful customization at every stage
  4. High flexibility to optimize your work
  5. Essential tools for collaborative working
  6. An open solution with numerous interfaces
  7. Precise and rapid draftings
  8. Integrated realistic rendering
  9. A 2D ½ - 3D - 4&5 axis customized machining solution
  10. Simulation of machining for greater security

TopSolid’Wood: a customized solution that adapts to your needs

  • TopSolid'Wood is the only integrated CAD/CAM software package specially developed to meet the needs of the wood industry.
  • Unlimited creativity: TopSolid’Wood is based on the Parasolid exact modeler.
  • Projects designed to be built: TopSolid'Wood's specific functions integrate machining issues on the 3D model, right from the modeling phase. "Design to build". These specialist functions can also be finely customized for a precise and effective adaptation to the various manufacturing processes.
  • Build on your know-how: the configuration and associativity of TopSolid'Wood enable you to make the most of your everyday work.

A feature-rich tool to boost your productivity

  • With sheet metal, plastics or steel, etc. Topsolid'Wood's integration with the other TopSolid modules allows you to easily work on multi-material projects.
  • Component libraries that contain machinings
  • Predefined positioning
  • Geometric drivers

With TopSolid’Wood, communicate more easily and satisfy your customers

  • Powerful drawing features
  • Data exchanges with your partners: standard import and export interfaces and specific interfaces for manufacturing
  • Photo-realistic images
  • Production of sales and marketing documentation to boost your sales

Machining with TopSolid'WoodCam

  • TopSolid’WoodCam is a CAM solution developed specifically for the wood industry, with automatic geometry recognition for machining operations
  • Complete associativity between the model defined in CAD and the preparations in CAM
  • A selection of machining processes, from simple to complex machining
  • Post-processors developed in close collaboration with machine toolmakers


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The TopSolid 30 Day Trial is available for free and includes the full version of TopSolid and FREE tutorials to help you get started.


TopSolid'Viewer allows you to view and share any TopSolid document (design, drawing, machining, kinematics etc) without the need for a TopSolid license. TopSolid'Viewer is free of charge and available in versions 6 and 7.


TopSolid'Store offers free downloadable content around TopSolid.

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