The reference for 3D design software

3D design software

Environmental management

From the simplest to the most complex, TopSolid will adapt to your constraints and those of your customers.

  • Assisted modeling of buildings
  • Step, Dxf/Dwg, Rvt (Revit©), Sldsam/Sldprt (Solidworks©), IFC (BIM) imports, etc.
  • Point cloud import (xyz, pts, ply, etc.) compatible with any brand of 3D scanner and photogrammetry system
3D CAD software

Limitless design

Model your ideas without restriction, express your creativity with works that look like you!

  • Design based on profiles, sheet metals, mechanical parts, etc.
  • Multi-materials (steel, wood, glass, composite, plastic, stone, etc.)
  • Job orders (staircase, railings, bars, etc.)
  • Complete sheet metal module (unfolding, bending loss rules, rolling with leadout, etc.)
  • Numerous integrated libraries:
    • Profiles, hardware and standard materials
    • Profiles and accessories for joinery manufacturers (Forster, Jansen, Rp Technic, etc.)
    • Hardware manufacturer (Wurth, etc.) 
3D modeling software

Parametric components

Maximum capitalization on your know-how. When profitability meets innovation in metalworking!

  • The most complete parameterization engine on the market, totally integrated and without programming
  • Unlimited fields of application (curved stringer, stair treads, railing filling, etc.)
  • Integrated machining processes 
3D design - CAD software

Realistic rendering

An unparalleled immersion for your customers. Avoid misunderstandings and facilitate decision-making!

  • Fully integrated realistic rendering
  • Real-time management of PBR materials (colors, roughness, normals, metallicity, etc.)
  • Real-time management of reflections, shadows and transparencies
  • Positioning of 3D structures on photo 
3D modeling software

Associative design

Save time on your modifications and avoid many errors.

  • Modeling of structures directly in the environment
  • The modification of the environment leads to the update of the work while respecting the designer's rules and manufacturing constraints
  • The update of the work leads to the update of the manufacturing documents (draftings, unfoldings, bills of material, etc.) 
3D design and modeling software

Automated manufacturing file

Focus on your added value by automating repetitive and tedious tasks.

  • Automatic creation of drafting documents
  • Automatic dimensioning/indexing
  • Automated drafting bundles (assembly of several draftings)
  • Automatic unfoldings of all the sheet metal parts
  • Cutting lists (profiles, sheet metals, glass, wood, etc.), supply lists, purchase lists, etc.
  • Export in many formats (3D PDF, IFC, FBX, X3D, etc.)
  • Easier interfacing with production tools thanks to numerous export formats (Dxf/Dwg, Nc1/DSTV, step, etc.)
  • Integrated bar layout to facilitate flow and better manage supplies 
CAD software with BIM process

Work in BIM process

Integrate BIM processes serenely with a fully compatible solution.

  • Certified IFC and Revit© (Rvt) import
  • Management of layers, classes, groups, etc.
  • Integrated libraries of classes, pset, qto IFC
  • Commands dedicated to IFC (management of georeferencing, type of exported structure, history of IFC property, etc.)
  • Integrated OmniClass 2012 and Uniformat II classifications
  • Collaborative work on the same model with isolation of work areas, automatic assembly of areas, etc.
  • IFC export (2x3, 4) 
CAD/CAM production management software

Additional modules

Complete your solution at your own pace according to your needs.

  • Photorealistic imaging to improve the quality of the renderings
  • Numerically controlled machine control (cutting, machining, punching, etc.)
  • Structural calculation by finite elements
  • Management solutions 


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