CAD software with a revolutionary design

TopSolid'Design, a complete CAD system

  1. Open and flexible CAD software
  2. Fully integrated PDM
  3. Unlimited CAD design
  4. Intelligent components
  5. Associative design
  6. Simulation and verification
  7. Automated production documents
  8. Visualize your designs
CAD software - TopSolid'Design

Open and flexible CAD software

  • Communication with most of the formats on the market
  • Step, IGES, DXF/DWG, Solidworks, PTC, Catia...
  • Point cloud import (xyz, pts, ply) from 3D scanners
  • Direct editing tools for imported geometries
Integrated PDM CAD software

Fully integrated PDM

  • Integrated and transparent, making it easy to use.
  • Improves collaboration between sites, teams, and people.
  • Streamlines engineering and production processes.
  • Reduces the risk of design and manufacturing errors.
  • Manages minor/major revisions of all types of documents (part, assembly, etc.).
  • Manages data security and tracks changes.
  • Manages products life cycles.
  • Search by criteria, references, use cases.
  • Deployable as a single user, in a local network or in a multisite.
CAD design, 3D module

Unlimited CAD design

  • Design your ideas in 3D without restriction, express your creativity!
  • Hybrid solid / surface modeling tools
  • Dedicated mechanical features commands (drilling, grooving, pocketing, etc.)
  • Complete sheet metal module (flattening, bending loss rules, rolling with over-length...)
  • Integrated component libraries: ISO, AFNOR, DIN mechanical components
  • Integrated access to TraceParts and Cadenas
  • ISO GPS tolerancing, directly on the 3D model (MBD), or in 2D drawing.
CAD software

Intelligent components

  • Store your company know-how
  • The most complete parameterization engine on the market, totally integrated and without programming
  • Unlimited fields of application (mechanical, sheetmetal, furnitures, …)
  • Integrated machining processes.
  • Components are making their own operations, ready for manufacturing.
3D modeling software

Associative design

  • Save time on your modifications and avoid many errors
  • Bottom-Up Design, Top Down Design, In Place Design
  • Assembly design can be totally driven by a layout sketch
  • Any changes update all documents, from base sketch to final parts
Computer aided design

Simulation and verification

  • Articulate and simulate your 3D designs to anticipate problems and collisions.
  • Collaborate easily with your teams by visualizing the operating principles of your designs.
  • Kinematic chain of a design is totally independent from the structure of the assembly.
  • Simulate kinematics and dynamics, analyze collisions between rigid groups and take measurements (speed, distance, etc.).
CAPM software

Automated Production Documents

  • Automation of repetitive and tedious tasks
  • Creation of standardized and dimensioned 2D drawings
  • Manage Exploded views and assembly instructions
  • Drawing Bundles (assembly of several drawings)
  • Cutting lists (profiles, sheets, screws...), supply lists, purchase lists...
  • Export in many formats (3D PDF, FBX, STEP, DXF, DWG,...)
  • Optimized cutting lists, using integrated extruded bar nesting
3D design with realistic rendering

Visualize your Designs

  • A complete immersion for your customers.
  • Avoid misunderstandings and facilitate decision making!
  • Fully integrated realistic rendering.
  • Real-time (working mode), and also raytraced to produce photorealistic images.
  • PBR materials (color, roughness, normal, metalness...)
  • Integrate your design into a real photo


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