Product Data Management for all TopSolid Applications

Unleashing the Power of PDM

In the fast-paced world of CAD/CAM where precision, collaboration, and efficiency are paramount, having the right tools and systems in place is crucial. TopSolid'Pdm offers a wide range of advantages for designers, enabling them to streamline their workflows, enhance collaboration, and maximize productivity.

Streamlining Data Management

A Robust Database

One of the primary advantages of TopSolid'Pdm for CAD designers is the ability to centralize and manage all design data in one secure location. Based on Microsoft SQL Server, TopSolid'Pdm provides a robust database that serves as a single source of truth for all design files, including models, drawings, assemblies, and associated documentation. By centralizing data, TopSolid designers can easily access, track, and version-control their work, eliminating the challenges of scattered files and version confusion. This centralized approach enhances organization, reduces errors, and saves valuable time spent searching for files.

Efficient File Organization

With TopSolid'Pdm, designers no longer have to rely on manual file management using Windows Explorer. Instead, they can leverage the robust file organization capabilities offered by TopSolid. Files are stored within a structured vault that allows for easy searching, sorting, and categorizing based on project, version, or other relevant parameters. Designers can quickly locate the files they need, reducing the time spent on file management and improving overall productivity.

Automated File Relationships

One of the major daily advantages is its ability to automatically manage file relationships within CAD assemblies. When files are moved, renamed, or modified, the TopSolid'Pdm intelligently updates all associated references, ensuring that CAD assemblies remain intact and functional. This eliminates the risk of broken references, reducing errors and preventing time-consuming rework. Designers can confidently make changes to file names, folder structures, or file locations, knowing that the PDM system will handle the updates seamlessly.

Secure Data Access

Protect your technical data

TopSolid designers often deal with sensitive and valuable design data. TopSolid'Pdm offers robust security features, ensuring that data is accessed only by authorized users. Access controls, permissions, user roles  and workflows can be defined within TopSolid'Pdm, providing granular control over who can view, modify, or delete documents. Additionally, TopSolid'Pdm includes history logs, enabling the tracking of data access and changes. This level of security helps protect intellectual property, maintain confidentiality, and comply with regulatory requirements.

Revisions Control

Manage your Products Lifecycles

In the iterative CAD design process, managing versions and changes is critical. TopSolid'Pdm offers robust revisions control and change management capabilities, allowing TopSolid designers to track revisions, manage design iterations, and collaborate seamlessly with colleagues. With TopSolid'Pdm, designers can easily roll back to previous revision, compare changes, and ensure that everyone is working on the most up-to-date design. This level of control and visibility enhances collaboration, mitigates errors, and ensures design integrity throughout the development process.

Reuse and Standardization

Better Design, Faster

TopSolid'Pdm empowers TopSolid designers to leverage design reuse and standardization, driving efficiency and consistency. By maintaining a library of standardized components, TopSolid designers can easily access and incorporate pre-designed parts, reducing design time and ensuring adherence to company standards. Furthermore, TopSolid'Pdm facilitates the creation of design templates, which allow designers to quickly start new projects with predefined settings, layouts, and configurations. This standardized approach not only accelerates the design process but also enhances quality and consistency across projects.

Collaboration and Concurrent Engineering

Accelerates Design Process

CAD design often involves multiple stakeholders, including designers, engineers, and manufacturing teams. TopSolid'Pdm enables effective collaboration by providing a platform for concurrent engineering. With TopSolid'Pdm, CAD designers can share their designs, collaborate on assemblies, and facilitate real-time communication with team members. By working together in a centralized environment, stakeholders can resolve design issues, address conflicts, and make informed decisions, ultimately leading to faster design cycles and improved product quality.

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