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The integrated digital factory

The place of TopSolid'Cam in the integrated digital factory

TopSolid'Cam is a fully integrated CAD/CAM solution. Within TopSolid, the CAD and CAM solutions are parametric and associative.

Free and direct design in the TopSolid global system. 
TopSolid'Design - TopSolid'Mold - TopSolid'Progress - TopSolid'Electrode

Perfect integration between the design department and the process planning department.

  • TopSolid solutions are 100% compatible with each other
  • Associative and parametric
  • Easy to implement and flexible
  • Work in a secure and collaborative environment
  • Simple, modern and intuitive ergonomics

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Unique ability to manage and modify imported data

TopSolid provides the native interfaces of all CAD software.
TopSolid also reads all standard files: DXF/DWG, IGES, STEP, Parasolid, etc.

In addition, the import of PMI (Product Manufacturing Information) allows you to retrieve features, geometric and dimensional tolerances, as well as surface finishes.

Thanks to the FreeShape functionality, TopSolid offers a global solution to directly modify the imported solids, to adjust them to average dimensions and apply reconstructions in order to machine them more quickly.

Work environment

Unlimited management of the working environment

TopSolid'Cam allows you to define all the components of your machining range:

  • The machine environment, its kinematics and accessories (universal heads, angle tools, Andrea, etc.)
  • All the standard clamping forms and custom machining fixtures
  • All the cutting tools and their holders

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TopSolid'Cam meets all your machining needs

Whatever your trade: medical, aeronautics, general or precision mechanics, molds or tools, watchmaking, eyewear, mechanically welded parts, etc.

TopSolid'Cam is the answer to your needs.

Our different modules offer a wide range of technical solutions for your machining needs in 2D, 3D, 4- or 5-axis milling, in position or continuous machining and also in turning.

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Optimize your production

Capitalize and automate your know-how

Favourites: Simple, fast and efficient. Each operation of the TopSolid'Cam CAM software can be saved as a "Favorite". It can then be reused at will by all the company's programmers.

Copy and paste machining routines: Simple and quick duplication of machining operations from part A to part B.

Methods: Record intelligent and interactive machining range macros and apply them automatically to new parts.

TopSolid'API: Further automation is possible via our APIs.


TopSolid'Cam offers 3 solutions

  • A quick access simulation level to ensure the correct machining trajectories.
  • A verification level to visualize the removal of material at each moment.
  • A level of simulation of the ISO code to verify the movements of the machine taking into account the macros (tool change, tilted plane matrix, etc.) as defined on the machine in the workshop. 

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In addition, these 3 levels integrate collision management.

Flexibility and part evolution

Change management and program monitoring

A change of machine is always possible to deal with unforeseen circumstances. Modifications to parts designed in TopSolid are managed in TopSolid thanks to the PDM and the project life cycle. 
In addition TopSolid integrates a functionality to replace imported parts in an existing machining line.

Create added value with the automated production of a manufacturing file for the workshop.

Adjust programs to the machine's feet with TopSolid'Cam Operator.

With more than 30 years of experience and know-how in the workshop, our expertise is at your service to customize your post-processors and thus guarantee maximum reliability and quality.

Create your inspection routines and enter the measurements with TopSolid'Inspection.

Go from virtual to real with TopSolid'ShopFloor: program management, tool management, ...


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TopSolid 7

The TopSolid 30 Day Trial is available for free and includes the full version of TopSolid and FREE tutorials to help you get started.


TopSolid'Viewer allows you to view and share any TopSolid document (design, drawing, machining, kinematics etc) without the need for a TopSolid license. TopSolid'Viewer is free of charge and available in versions 6 and 7.


TopSolid'Store offers free downloadable content around TopSolid.

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