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TopSolid'ShopFloor manages your entire manufacturing process, from the first 3D import to the finished part...

This integrated software assists you throughout the manufacturing process of your parts. From automated import, through the creation and management of tools, the management of programs and loading these onto the CNC, without forgetting the management of the tool stock and the storage of complete tools and tool components.
In addition, TopSolid'ShopFloor ensures the connection with all the systems in the production environment (NC, presetting machines, storage systems, etc.)

To manage this workflow, TopSolid'ShopFloor offers the following key benefits:

  • Data centralization
    Save and secure all your company data on a SINGLE database. No more data will be stored on local machines or peripheral equipment.
  • Making information available
    Share your data with all stakeholders! With the right information in the right place at the right time, everyone knows exactly what to do and how to do it. Your productivity can increase from 20% to 50% through good information management.
  • Workflow automation
    TopSolid'ShopFloor automates as many tasks as possible. Automation simplifies the workflow and minimizes the risk of errors!
  • Connection to your environment's systems  
    Whether it is an NC machine, a presetting machine, your tools or an automated warehouse. We can connect all peripheral software and systems, even ERP!

A modular and scalable system

TopSolid'ShopFloor is a modular and expandable system that adapts to the current situation of your company and evolves with it. Each module provides its own services and automatisms to manage the workshop. As each module is implemented, you can improve your organization and your productivity.


With the Project Manager module, you can manage your manufacturing projects from TopSolid'ShopFloor with or without TopSolid installed on the client workstation.

  • Creation and management of manufacturing project and data.
  • Creation and management of customers and contacts.
  • Access to PDM project folders.
  • Integration of documents using the drag-and-drop technique.
  • Possibility of linking the project manager to external data sources (ERP, CAPM, etc.)


With the Program Manager module, you can manage all your NC programs, whether they are produced by TopSolid or not, as well as the manufacturing data attached to them.

  • Management of all program formats (text, binary or multi-files), regardless of the software (TopSolid or other CAM software).
  • Advanced search tool and filters.
  • Management of main programs and sub-programs.
  • Management of additional program information (range, documentation, images, comments, etc.).
  • Import NC programs by simple using the drag-and-drop technique (DNC).
  • Automatic and configurable management of NC programs.
  • Automatic generation of the tool list from the NC program.
  • Integrated NC program comparison and editing tool (up to 4 channels with synchronized views).
  • Management of program status (locked, released, supplied, on machine) by simple using the drag-and-drop technique.
  • History of changes and movements (NC and PP).
  • Grouping of similar compatible NC programs.
  • Life cycle information (creator, last executions, etc.).
  • Work planning.


With the Tool Manager module, you can manage your tool components, assembled tools and other items involved in the manufacturing process.

  • Search for components with specific filters and/or Datamatrix identifier.
  • Manage additional properties on tool components, assembled tools and other items.
  • Functions dedicated to the assembly of (virtual) tools and automated creation of tools in TopSolid.
  • Assembly and disassembly wizard for physical tools.
  • List of tools to be loaded and unloaded from machine magazines.
  • Provision of status reports for operators.
  • 3D visualization of components via TopSolid'Viewer.
  • Possibility of linking the tool manager to external data sources (ERP, GPAO, etc.)


With the Tool Set module, you can manage your presetting machines and the presetting data of your tools.

  • 3D visualization on the tool of the offsets to be measured.
  • No predefined values are required (the necessary data is read from the tool document information from TopSolid).
  • No restrictions on the number of offsets or the number of functions per tool.
  • Presetting of tools by batch.
  • Automatic prioritization of requested tools (e.g. in case of tool breakage on the machine).
  • Possibility of selecting the measuring cycle on the presetting machine.
  • Storage of the last presetting cycle used for the tool.
  • Interface with Zoller©, Kelch©, Speroni©, etc.


With Workholding Manager, you can manage all your clamping devices and their components.

  • Search for components with specific filters and/or Datamatrix identifier.
  • Manage additional properties on components, assembled workholding and other items.
  • List of tools to be loaded and unloaded from machine table.


With the Stock Manager module, you can manage the stock of your components, your assemblies and the relationship with your suppliers.

  • Search for components with specific filters and/or Datamatrix identifiers.
  • Manage specific static and dynamic properties of components.
  • Component references in assembled tools and NC programs.
  • Easy creation of purchase orders for components by e-mail or creation of a PDF.
  • Possibility of linking the stock manager to your organization's ERP system


With the Storage Manager module, you can manage the location of your tool components, assembled tools and fixtures.

  • 3D visualization of all your storage spaces (tool racks, cabinets, automated stores, etc.).
  • Easy implementation and configuration of your own 3D storage model.
  • Location of all devices (components, tools, toolings, probes, etc.).
  • Datamatrix and barcode management.
  • Management of user authorizations for reservations.
  • Interface with connected storage systems Kardex©, Storetec©, etc.


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