Digital engineering

When audacity and creativity must go hand in hand with quality, productivity and cost control

Designers and engineers are constantly looking for the best tools and solutions to design and develop their future products.

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Design your assemblies

TopSolid'Design CAD software allows the design of complex assemblies in record time.

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Are you an industry professional looking for a CAD/CAM/ERP solution?
TopSolid is a unique, reliable, complete and productive solution. Its product range is a very powerful modeling, production and management solution that will meet your production needs whatever your sector of activity.


Precision machining

Discover how, in the era of digital transformation and Industry 4.0, TopSolid contributes to the success of your company. Design and competitiveness at the heart of your innovation process.

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Digital engineering

The mechanical industry has seen its needs change with the need to recover 3D parts, to bring them into conformity and an increasing need for communication with the workshop. For all these reasons TopSolid has become indispensable in the mechanical subcontracting industry.

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TopSolid's solutions, dedicated to the woodworking industry, allow for great creativity while bringing efficiency and fluidity to the entire process, from design to machining, whether it be for a piece of furniture or for a complete layout.

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Steel industry

The metalworking / locksmithing sector is undergoing a revolution and is experiencing a new boom. With architectural demands becoming more and more complex, competition from large-scale distribution more present than ever and customers with increasingly demanding requirements, simple work no longer exists.

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