Additive manufacturing software using the patented Stratoconception® process from CIRTES to manufacture your parts in 3D slices using any material plate

TopSolid'Strato, the additive manufacturing by Stratoconception®

  1. Additive manufacturing module integrated in the CAD environment
  2. Breaking down a part into slices
  3. Integrated assembly features
  4. Optimization of material consumption
  5. Automatic generation of tool paths
  6. Different ways of cutting using micro-milling
  7. Decision support through numerous libraries
  8. Unique patented process

Additive manufacturing module integrated in the CAD environment

  • Additive manufacturing module integrated in the TopSolid suite.
  • Use of a 100% native model (designed or imported in TopSolid).
  • Removal of the STL mesh (a standard in additive manufacturing).
  • Complete interoperability with other TopSolid software: TopSolid'Design, TopSolid'Cam, etc.
  • Changes made to the model result in the update of the slice breakdown, and of the associated machining operations.
  • Intuitive to use thanks to the standards of the TopSolid environment.

Breaking down a part into slices

  • Slicing design guided by a succession of steps.
  • Management of a part in several areas that can be produced with different parameters (axis, slice thickness and material).
  • Slicing according to a defined thickness and axis.
  • Advanced slicing feature thanks to additional planes and the choice of slice distribution.
  • Breaking down slices to produce parts out of the machine gauge.
  • Slice hollowing to reduce the weight of a large part or tooling, or to optimize the quantity of material used.

Integrated assembly features

  • Adding assembly features to the slice design.
  • A range of assembly features:
    • Inserts: inserts (standard or manufactured components) which allow the positioning of the slices in relation to each other.
    • Jointing with pins and housings: consisting of a male part (the pin) and of a corresponding female part (the housing), integral parts of the slice and machined at the same time as the slice.
    • Bridges: assembly elements placed outside of the part and linked to it by a scaffold, for thin or transparent parts.
    • Complete nesting: complete nesting of the upper slice in the lower slice.
    • Assembly keys: elements for the positioning and maintenance of the disintegrated parts. They are either attached parts, or integrated into the slices.

Optimization of material consumption

  • Nesting optimization to distribute all the slices (or parts of slices) in raw material plates, by optimizing the amount of material needed.
  • Automatic selection of the slice machining direction based on the slice geometry.
  • Placing calibrated pins to position the plate during its turning.
  • Identifying the slices in the nesting by an engraving.
  • Breaking down slices into parts to use small plates, or to save material for curved slices.

Automatic generation of tool paths

  • TopSolid'Strato automatically generates machining operations to produce the slices and assembly elements, according to the available manufacturing methods.
  • All the required operations are performed:
    • Slice leveling, insert drilling, pin machining, slice roughing and finishing, marking of the slice number.
  • Optimized slice finishing strategy using a mix of contouring and sweeping.
  • Differentiated machining methods to allow for field adaptations.

Different ways of cutting using micro-milling

  • Slice machining either in a nesting, or by stacking, or by combining two modes.
  • Double-sided nesting machining mode: slice nesting machining of the two sides by turning the plate to reach the undercut areas.
  • Stacking machining allowing successive machining, slice by slice, within the machine.

Decision support through numerous libraries

  • Relevant components for the implementation of the process integrated in TopSolid libraries:
    • Standard plates of raw materials
    • Assembly elements
    • Tools and cutting conditions

Unique patented process

  • Various fields of application: models, templates, toolings, direct parts, etc.
  • Variety of material plates: machinable resins, woods, polymers, metals, etc.
  • Easy supply: stock of standard material plates (no raw material required).
  • Very large parts (up to several meters).
  • Economical: optimization of the material used (additive process), low material cost, low power consumption.
  • Simplicity: systematic, whatever the geometry.
  • Simple CNC: only 3 axes to produce complex geometries with small micro-milling tools (finishing).
  • A French process, patented and developed by CIRTES, R&D center in additive manufacturing with over 30 years of experience (www.cirtes.com).


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The TopSolid'Strato module developed by CIRTES offers TopSolid 7 users the possibility of producing very large parts. The Stratoconception® Additive Manufacturing process breaks down a part into slices for its manufacture in plate materials.

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