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Import your files from TopSolid or the CAD tool of your choice

Integrated into your TopSolid environment

3D visualization has never been so easy! Perfectly integrated into the TopSolid environment, TopSolid'Virtual enables your collaborators to hold validation meetings around 3D files. No 3D expertise is required.

Edit your scene by adding realistic materials, stickers and environments...

Realism at your fingertips

TopSolid'Virtual is based on the most advanced real-time rendering engine on the market. It enables ultra-realistic visualization without any calculation time. 
Thanks to a library of materials, environments and 3D objects, you can transform your CAD file into a realistic scene in just a few clicks!

Visualize your scenes and objects at actual size in virtual reality

Validation at 1:1 scale

Immerse yourself instantly in your full-scale 3D project thanks to the "Virtual Reality" feature. You'll be able to validate proportions and shapes, avoiding the costs and delays of physical prototyping. 

Add kinematic constraints to interact with your objects as in the real world.


Collaborate with colleagues to validate projects at different sites

Unique presentations
Thanks to the slide mode, you can create interactive presentations that allow groups to validate your projects during the various design phases. Each user can interact with the model, adding measurements and annotations. 

Boost your sales with sales presentations.

Minimal configuration

TopSolid'Virtual requires minimal configuration.

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Visualisation 3D et VR
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Logiciel visualisation 3D et VR

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