Demand for increasingly low production costs

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The transport sector, and the automotive industry in particular, remains one of the largest sources of work for subcontractors. Precision, deadlines and prices have prompted suppliers to look for productivity-boosting solutions in every sector of their activity. TopSolid is a solution that meets these needs in all technologies, and in particular in the retrieval of perfect 3D models, the simple definition of tolerances for parts and the processing of models before machining. TopSolid is sufficiently powerful to significantly cut programming costs.

Because the prices of parts are not rising...

You can significantly reduce your programming costs, thanks to the speed at which you can implement your programs and the flexibility of TopSolid that allows you to use the software as a trajectory generator or as a genuine production engineering tool.

Because there is no such thing as a simple part...

Today, every single part contains complex zones, in terms of the tolerances to be respected, the geometry, the flanges or the machining time imperatives. TopSolid can comfortably address all these technologies and all these needs.

Because simply generating ISO code is no longer enough...

Current requirements demand that everything must be traceable. Before programming, with the version numbers of modified parts, technical exchanges, manuals... and afterwards, with all the workshop documentation, the phase drawings, the modifications and the control of the complete environment, including the pre-adjustment benches or the tool stores. Here again, with its native PDM and complete control of the process, TopSolid offers another unique advantage. 

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