TopSolid: The best CAD for metalworking

Engineer, produce and control structural designs faster with TopSolid

  • An intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Save time with a comprehensive, integrated library of building standards
  • Create user-defined smart components to reduce overall design time
  • Lightning fast generation of production documents
  • Ensure traceability of your designs through industry leading
  • Product Data Management (PDM)
  • Collaborate effortlessly in a BIM environment through powerful interfaces


User interface

  • Dashboard: recent documents, current projects
  • Clean, functional and customizable interface: design of sheet metal parts and welded joints
  • Smart, intuitive and comprehensive menus

Integrated libraries

  • Standard structural elements: I-Beams, hollow extrusions, etc.
  • Standard fasteners: screws, bolts, washers, nuts, etc.
  • And much more free to download from the TopSolid’Store:dowel sleeves, cold-formed sections, methods, etc.

Creation of smart components

  • Simplified configuration
  • Create your own models of railings, stairs, fasteners, etc.
  • Build on your construction methods and your know-how

Production of documents

  • Commercial documents: integration plan, realistic rendering, virtual tour, 3D PDF, animation, etc.
  • BOM documents: supply, debit, subcontracting, etc.
  • Detailed drawings: master plan, drawings with automatic dimensioning, etc.


  • Import/Export of .dxf/.dwg (Autocad) and other files:layout drawings, plans, 3D files, flattened drawings, etc.
  • Import/Export of IFC files (BIM): 3D environment, data, management of levels of detail (LOD), etc.
  • BOM export: OptiCut interface, .csv, PDF, etc.

Product Data Management (PDM)

  • Business management: document organization, search, copy/paste, etc.
  • Index management: history of changes, document validation, etc.
  • Favorite searches: components, documents, tools, etc.

Integrated manufacturing

Control of CNC machines:

  • Cutting (laser, oxycutting, water jet, etc.)
  • Punching, stamping
  • Milling, turning
  • and more...



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