Métallerie Serrurerie Kopko, the goldsmith of metalworking

29 April 2021

Specialized in the design and manufacture of complex metal structures, the small company from Reims, France, offers aesthetic and tailor-made solutions. From the feasibility study to the realization of the execution drawings, through 3D design and manufacturing, it completely meets the needs of its customers.


Combining art with metal fabrication... This is the credo of Métallerie Serrurerie Kopko (MSK), which could not have flourished better than in Reims, in the “coronation city", not far from the famous Notre-Dame cathedral.

Founded in 2017 by Kevin Kopko, the company actually represents a true craftsman specializing in metalworking (glass partitions, staircases, glass facades, railings, handraillings, metal frameworks), ironworking, locksmithing and designer furniture. "We always make unique parts", confirms this enthusiast of a job well done. "The sense of detail and the search for perfection are the quintessence of our workshop in which the metal is shaped, structured and textured as a work of art." A good one-third of the work is done for companies, architects of beautiful houses for champagne producers, etc.

The other works, made by the five metalworking experts who work in the workshop, are ordered by individuals. For example, a set of tailor-made glass partitions with a sliding door for an architect's office in Reims, the manufacture of a personalized sign for the Roger Coulon Champagne House, the creation of this staircase decorated with a glass floor to bring a maximum of light and style in a loft or this extraordinary project of installing glass roof which brings a touch of modernity and a maximum of brightness.





A powerful configuration tool

"The complexity of these structures and the need to be able to present a 3D projection of their metal version to the customers convinced me to invest in a high-performance CAD (computer-aided design) system," explains the entrepreneur.

"After examining the different software available on the market, I decided to adopt the TopSolid'Steel tool from the French publisher of the same name. Easy to use thanks to its intuitive ergonomics, this tool with its intelligent menus offers a very interesting compromise between function and cost. In doing so, it significantly reduces the design time." The designer therefore has access to libraries of metal profiles and mechanical fasteners, which saves precious time thanks to the rapid and efficient generation of project documents (drawings and assembly instructions). 

"The secret of these performances lies in its powerful and accessible configuration tool," says Kevin Kopko. "A tool that allows the creation of intelligent components that are essential for designing custom railings, staircases and fasteners models, etc. It also facilitates modifications throughout the project." The icing on the cake is that MSK capitalizes on a valuable know-how with each project that it can be reused during a similar project.

The software offered by TOPSOLID SAS also includes a design module of sheet metal parts and mechanically welded assemblies. "This improves the productivity in the workshop," says Kevin Kopko, who points to the software's ability to present a 3D version of the project to customers. "The realistic rendering gives them a virtual tour of their project, as well as 3D animations." The customer can therefore visualize, for example, the placement of a staircase in his house.

"However, after a year of use, I am still far from having explored the full potential of TopSolid'Steel and I still have many other functions to discover," concludes the expert.





Advantages of the TopSolid'Steel application at MSK

  •     A powerful configuration tool that makes it easy to create the intelligent components needed to design custom models
  •     The ability to design sheet metal parts and mechanically welded assemblies
  •     Integrated libraries of metal profiles and mechanical fasteners 
  •     3D renderings that allow the customer to virtually validate his project


Kevin Kopko's opinion "Easy to use, this software has intuitive ergonomics and smart menus that significantly reduce design time."

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