BCM invents “online” metalworking

7 July 2021

Equipped with outstanding material and human resources, this expert uses the most modern tools to provide its customers with solutions adapted to their needs. Like this configurator, developed by TOPSOLID SAS, which allows it to create aluminum fences on the internet that are virtually integrated into the users’ environment. A first on the market!

Design part 1
Customer picture without fence
Realistic design

The BCM group is a family business located in Saint-Rambert-en-Bugey in the Ain region, in France. For over thirty years, it has specialized in the design and manufacturing of exceptional finished or semi-finished metal products. "Our expertise in transformation of metals by machining and deformation as well as the assembly of complex assemblies meets the needs of many customers in the fields of luxury goods, energy, construction, transportation, urban furniture, etc.," explains Adrien Sauvé, the Sales Manager.



BCM's strength: a design department capable of meeting complex specifications, ensuring the development of products and efficient manufacturing processes. “For ten years, our original approach has been based on the powerful design tools of TopSolid'Design, a solution from the French publisher TOPSOLID SAS," explains the expert.

"And we have also installed the TopSolid'Steel software, which allows us to develop large-scale projects in a very short time, while meeting stringent quality requirements. In addition, we have state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities (laser and combined laser-punching machines, multi-axis machining centers, etc.) that equip our aluminum profile transformation, sheet metal, composite machining and high-precision mechanical workshops. Robotic and high-tech equipment is also used in the mechanical welding and assembly workshop.”



Lean design and manufacturing

This array of efficient means ensures the processing of the most sophisticated orders from A to Z with the implementation of the "Lean Manufacturing" concept.
“TopSolid'Steel is an integrated automatic solution that offers very useful features to ensure lean manufacturing”, explains Adrien Sauvé using examples.

“Optimized nesting drastically reduces sheet metal wastes, while the automatic management of material and document traceability ensures accurate tracking of the elements of different projects. In addition, there are expert post-processors and the centralization of data that ensure significant time savings in the industrialization of projects. Thanks to the powerful modeling software, you can also easily master complex geometries and quickly create suitable sheet metals.”

BCM uses TopSolid'Design software with the same efficiency, a solution that combines user-friendliness with the ability to master the most complex models.“User-friendly, powerful and complete, the TOPSOLID SAS tool has an intuitive interface with intelligent features, a native PDM and very useful simulation solutions, especially when faced with machining difficult materials," says Adrien Sauvé, who also appreciates the ability to track changes or the automatic classification that makes it easier to get back to work.

A successful experience that encouraged the BCM Group to move on to conquer other territories. Passionate about innovation, this expert in high-flying metalworking has decided to take full advantage of the possibilities of the Internet to sell custom-made aluminum fences to individuals.

"Available since April 2020, this project required several months of research," explains Adrien Sauvé. Therefore, a team dedicated to the BCM project was created at TOPSOLID Services. This department at TOPSOLID SAS accompanies each customer step by step in the development of their project, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. The process is rapid: from the specifications that the customer provides or that TOPSOLID carries out for him, TOPSOLID Services develops customized applications by using the technologies and applications most adapted to the context.
“The TOPSOLID SAS experts have developed a configurator capable of automating tailor-made creation of each project. Customers no longer need to go into the office; their turnkey project is ready in just a few clicks. All they have to do is simply log on to the ArtisanCloture.com website to make a video conference appointment with one of our experts. We then take care of all the necessary operations: feasibility study, visual projection, estimate and measurement. And of course, the customized fabrication and installation of the fence.”

Original, the solution imagined by TOPSOLID SAS implements a tip that allows customers to know if the fence corresponds to their needs and if it fits in with the aesthetics of the environment. “The digitalization of products allows them to be integrated into photo of the customer's garden, allowing them to be totally immersed without leaving their home,” concludes Adrien Sauvé.



Advantages of the TopSolid application 

  • Intuitive design interface and smart features
  • Optimized sheet metal nestings
  • Centralization of design and manufacturing data

Adrien Sauvé's opinion: “Flexible and easy to use, the online aluminum fence configurator designed by TOPSOLID SAS allows customers to choose, from the comfort of their homes, the solution adapted to their needs and tastes. Significantly saves time and money.”



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