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19 June 2018

The company based in the Ardèche department of France proposes a global offer to its customers. Know-how based on extensive material resources and experienced specialists. Missler Software’s TopSolid CAD-CAM software, which was introduced a few months ago, forms the cornerstone of this system.

Founded 70 years ago in Aubenas, in the Auvergne-Rhône Alpes region of France, H. Petit & Cie is pulling out all the stops. This 30-strong family-owned small business delivers applications in infrastructure ventilation, industrial maintenance, conveyor systems, machining and sheet metalwork, transport and clean industries (agronomics, pharmaceuticals, etc.). A varied activity that is steaming ahead to achieve a single yet tough objective: to deliver a rapid and targeted response to every customer’s needs. “We deliver turnkey solutions for our customers’ projects on time and strictly to spec,” confirms the company’s Managing Director, Patrick Burnichon.

The company has become a benchmark in the field of high-tech ventilation systems for tunnels and underground railways, as well as in industrial maintenance. An achievement illustrated by some of the company’s latest successes, including the Puymorens tunnel in the Eastern Pyrenees, the Grand Saint-Bernard and Neuchâtel tunnels in Switzerland, the Lyon Northern Orbital and the Saverne tunnel in Alsace. Other projects in Brittany and Belgium will follow or are in the preliminary study phase. The Aubenas-based SME delivers a complete response to every project of this type, ranging from the design, production and installation of the welded assemblies, to equipment handling and/or dismantling operations. “Our design office analyses the most suitable hardware and materials, then designs the necessary equipment (ventilation units, accelerators, high-voltage cell chassis, transformers, electric cabinets and UPSs, etc.),” explains the manager.

The company’s specialists then perform the operations to build the equipment, treat the surfaces, handle the assemblies, install them on site, etc. The products are manufactured with a fleet of equipment comprising lathes, milling machines, surface grinders and soft-bearing balancing machines for general mechanical operations, and in the boiler works, equipped with cutting and folding machines, rolling machines and several welding stations and plasma cutters. This equipment is capable of working with a varied range of metals, from steel and stainless steel, to cast iron, copper alloys, aluminum or plastics. The parts are finished using surface treatment processes, such as epoxy and polyurethane painting, hot-dip galvanizing, zinc-plating, phosphating, burnishing, passivation, micro shot-peening or metallization.


Rapid and effective assistance

This ambitious design and manufacturing system relies on the TopSolid CAD-CAM software from Missler Software. “We were looking for a solution capable of covering our multitude of activities to replace software that was not entirely satisfactory,” explains Patrick Burnichon. After an in-depth market survey, the company opted for the solution from Missler Software. “We were looking for a French vendor that could provide rapid and effective assistance for our varied needs,” points out the Managing Director of H.Petit & Cie.

“TopSolid is multi-faceted and can handle applications that are demanding in terms of costs and deadlines in the field of sheet metalworking.” Designing the large sheet metal parts that are essential in the manufacture of ventilation systems for tunnels or underground railways had become child’s play.

And the icing on the cake is that the customers are kept permanently informed of the state of progress of the works by a solution that makes significant savings in terms of time and money. “With TopSolid, the system user passes directly from the design phase to the equipment connections, without the slightest hitch,” adds Patrick Burnichon. Missler Software’s solution has also proven its worth in the highly technical applications that the company from Aubenas delivers for the maintenance of machines or complete industrial assemblies. “We cover all the needs of curative and preventive maintenance, from diagnostics to repairs, on-site operations, meeting safety standards, the rapid response demanded by just-in-time production flows and the implementation of preventive monitoring of machines,” concludes the specialist.  

 The strong points of the TopSolid application at H.Petit & Cie:

  • A multi-functional solution that covers a project’s needs from A to Z
  • Rapid and targeted assistance from Missler Software
  • Effective coverage of the design of large sheet metal parts for ventilation projects
  • The conversion of 3D models into files that can be used for RDM and modal or vibratory analyses
  • Production of exploded drawings of parts assemblies for the on-site installation procedures of the finished products.

Patrick Burnichon’s opinion: “Missler Software’s CAD-CAM solution meets our demands for responsiveness, high quality, cost savings and tight deadlines in the highly technical industrial areas we cover."

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