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TopSolid'Design 7 Hint #141

How to define an automatic naming of documents.

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TopSolid'Cam 7 Hint #140

Thread milling operations management.

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TopSolid'Progress Hint #139

Redefining the unstamping area boundary edges

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TopSolid'Wood Hint #138

Propagation as driver for components

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TopSolid'Design 7 Hint #137

How to easily modify a part assembled by positioning constraints.

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TopSolid'Cam Hint #136

Side milling

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TopSolid'Mold Hint #135

Parting surface checking

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TopSolid'Cam 7 Hint #134

In milling, as in turning, the user can make a contouring from a face to another one by using the "ALT" key. To do this, the user selects the first face, presses the "ALT" key, and then selects the last face. This also makes it possible to machine draft faces (by specifying the WCS to be used, as in the example) or to choose to machine only some faces of a part. All contouring options are then available.

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TopSolid'Design 7 Hint #133

Save time on drafting by copying your dimension styles

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TopSolid'Wood Hint #132

Schematic projection of components

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