TOPSOLID Services: We follow your idea

TOPSOLID Services is the department in charge of customizing TopSolid applications for customers

Our mission

  • Bring development capacity to salesmen to match more closely the customers' requirements
    Companies are increasingly looking for a solution that is perfectly adapted to their needs. A standard CAD system with some additional specific functions is a real vector for sales.
  • Build development partnerships around our Application Development System: TopSolid'Ads
    Lectra, CETIM, Lméca, VR Technologie contribute to our growth and brand image through their products developed with TopSolid'Ads.

Contact TOPSOLID Services

254 L’Occitane
F-31670 Labège, France
Phone: +33 (0)
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Some relevant developments

  • Over the past two years, TOPSOLID Services has contributed to the development of two major products, TopSolid'Castor and DesignConcept, and more than 40 specific applications.
  • For the future, a great number of large projects are about to be signed.
  • TOPSOLID Services is an actor in the development of new standard products such as TopSolid’Pdm, tolerance applications,...


TOPSOLID Services has integrated the CETIM expertise into TopSolid through the development of TopSolid'Fea.

  • Automatic meshing
  • Fast solver developed by the CETIM
  • Static and dynamic analysis of structures based on volume, surface or wire elements.




DesignConcept is a product originally intended for car seat manufacturers.

  • Read CATIA, IGES, STEP models, native TopSolid
  • Design of style curves on surfaces
  • Regular and triangular meshing of regions limited by style curves and edges

DesignConcept meet the needs of all markets that use tense technical textiles.

  • Flattening of meshed regions
  • Quality control by pattern stain analysis
  • Associativity of patterns with the 3D model and style curves

DesignConcept offers a solution for technical textile industries: from Design…

  • Fabric library
  • Realistic rendering including the result of fabric deformations due to the flattening process

…to Manufacturing.

  • Seam allowance, notches, and other textile features
  • Connection to Lectra software
  • Connection to Lectra cutting machines