TopSolid'PartCosting: Technical quotation

Make your part costing more reliable

TopSolid'PartCosting is a part costing software for any company in the mechanical engineering field (machining, metalworking, sheetmetal working, swiss turning) that requires greater precision in the production of quotes.

The computerization of the “quote" item justifies many advantages:

  • Traceability, capitalization, reuse and security of data
  • Reliability of time calculation compared to estimation by experience
  • Independence with regard to the maturity of the estimator
  • Approved methodology to ensure that nothing is overlooked in the costing process


    Improve reliability and standardized costings

    We have set up quotation systems that will allow you, from the 2D or 3D part drawing (or even without a drawing), to quickly arrive at a result that is close to the reality of the workshop.
    Depending on the precision you want to obtain, you can choose from several calculation methods (part analogy, chip volume, detailed quotation, multi-spindle simulation), all based on libraries specific to your company and common to all estimators.

    • Methodologies that comply with industry standards and at the cutting edge of technical costing
    • A graphical interface suitable for costing, positioning the part drawing at the center of the study
    • Fast and accurate time calculation systems based on direct processing of the part drawing in PDF, scan, image, DXF, DWG, STEP and IGES formats
    • Manage all the parameters influencing the cost of the part by managing the non-recurring costs and quantity variants
    • Libraries fully configurable to your business environment and the way you work
    • Specialized features for machining on multi-spindle machines as used in swiss turning

    Managing margins, commercial concessions and negotiation arguments

    Reliable time and a fair price guarantee:

    • More credible with customers
    • Increased quote conversion rate
    • A limit to unprofitability or work at a loss

    Autonomous or linked to the CAPM/ERP system

    Whether or not you are equipped with production management software, TopSolid'PartCosting allows you to limit the quotation risk by positioning itself as an upstream module to the price offer with the possibility of a gateway to your solution. This integration is, of course, stronger with TopSolid’Erp.

    Suitable for all user profiles

    The software is intended for:

    • Experienced estimators who know the machining process to get the right price.
      The creation of a manufacturing range with reliable times calculated from the cutting conditions of its workshop ensures accuracy and serenity in the response to the call for tenders.
    • Salespersons or account managers with little knowledge of machining to be able to respond to a call for tenders in a reliable and consistent manner.

    Encryption-enabling systems are accessible to as many people as possible.


    Capitalization and analog method (by comparison)
    Capitalization and analog method (by comparison)
    Calculation of machining times from the drawing part
    Calculation of machining times from the drawing part
    Manage time and cost
    Manage time and cost
    Optimized study on multi-spindle machines
    Optimized study on multi-spindle machines