Lexip is a French start-up which designs, develops and manufactures a new generation of 3D input devices for individuals and professionals.

Unlike traditional mice limited to two axis movements, the 3D mouse allows the user to navigate easily and intuitively in 3 dimensions using all 6 degrees of freedom (3 translations and 3 rotations).

Combining the characteristics of a standard mouse and 3D manipulation, the 3D mouse facilitates 3D workflow and accelerates the entire design, development and creation processes. With only one hand, by pressing down the body of the 3D mouse forwards or backwards, to the right or left or using the joystick, the user can select, create, edit, move, pan, zoom and rotate its 3D model or environment.

From drawing, to sketch, to part, to assembly, by reducing the number of complex and repetitive gestures (use of both hands, keyboard shortcuts and mouse combinations …) the 3D mouse enhances both productivity and work comfort.

For further information visit http://www.lexip.fr/en.html