TopSolid'Wood 2010 - Intelligent management of components

Missler Software, number 2 French CAD/CAM developer is now launching TopSolid'Wood 2010, its new integrated CAD/CAM solution for the wood industry. The 2010 version optimises the creation and management of standard components while adapting in an associative manner the programming of cabinets, doors and hinges. TopSolid'Wood 2010 can export BOMs, offers highly customisable calibration and new, improved nesting functions and proposes an interior design graphical configurator.

Smarter components
The new generation of intelligent components is one of the most original aspects of TopSolid'Wood 2010. The latest version enables users to standardise base elements obtained from component suppliers and thereby offers important time gains. For example, the new function "constraint block" greatly simplifies the modelling of rectangular parts. The designer no longer needs a sketch and dimensions to design, position and repeat the design of a rectangular part. Equipped with an automatic activation of processes and efficient collision control TopSolid'Wood 2010 keeps the component base for future projects thereby automatically preserving the heritage of subcomponents and the copy of processes and positionings from one component to another.

New nesting functions
To optimise material management TopSolid'Wood 2010 enables users to regroup several projects and offers optimal positioning of rectangular parts on the sheet. Multi-machining of several sheets and flawless multi-drilling allow users to get the most out of their machine tools, reduce human intervention in the machining process and maintain complete associativity while making changes.

Improved machining functions
TopSolid'Wood 2010 offers many improvements which reduce the risk of potential errors and enable important time gains. Notably the speed advance setting option depending on the grain orientation of the wood is a good example. The grain orientation is now taken into account when setting feed rates. For solid wood operations the calibration function has been enhanced with an option to create a loop in convex angles so as to avoid splintering.
With more precise machine definitions such as the possibility to automatically position rails and pods on the machine and the possibility to change the position of the pods at any time, TopSolid'Wood 2010 offers increased comfort of use and huge productivity gains to its users.

New interior design graphical configurator
TopSolid'Planner is a new interior design graphical configurator which now completes the TopSolid CAD/CAM range for the wood industry. It is a very useful and efficient sales tool for sales teams and is completely integrated with TopSolid'Wood and TopSolid'WoodCam. The sales person can quickly generate 3D realistically rendered images, drafts and quotations for his customers. All projects created with TopSolid'Planner can be sent directly for manufacturing preparation (BOMs, follow on sheets, optimisation de debit? machining program ...)

Here are the main new functions in TopSolid'Wood 2010

TopSolid'Wood 2010
- Simplified modeling of rectangular parts
- Customisable calibration for machining
- Automatic codification of edges
- Driver faces for adaptable components
- Automatic activation of processes
- Regroup several projects for nesting
- Multi-drafting of plates
- Label edition with bar codes
- New Blum hardware components
- New textures database

TopSolid'WoodCam 2010
- Speed advance setting depending on the grain orientation
- Calibration with loop for solid wood
- Automatic machining of groove-rabbet-moulding with the « fixed direction » option
- Automatic recognition of customised calibrations
- A simplified application for swarf machining sloping faces
- Generation of a second machining program if necessary during multi-machining
- Proposition for positioning rails and pods