TopSolid supports the HydroMines team in the HydroContest competition in Saint-Tropez

In partnership with the Paris Ecole des Mines, Schlumberger, Le Cirtes, Les Constructions Navales de Bordeaux, …. TopSolid actively supported the young “Miners” team that entered the international HydroContest competition for schools and universities. The goal was to sail a lightweight boat and a heavyweight boat as fast a possible in the magical setting of Saint-Tropez bay between September 2 and 9.

The team of near-newcomers (it was only their second time participating) used the StratoConception process, developed by the Cirtes in Saint-Die in the Vosges region of France, to build a lightweight boat made of composite fiber. Le Cirtes and TopSolid jointly developed the TopSolid’Strato application that can be used to quickly design tools by “stratoconception” as part of a Future Industry Project selected by the French State’s General Commissariat for Investment. The boats were built in the Chantier des Constructions Navales shipyard in Bordeaux and in the workshops at the Paris Ecole des Mines, using range-topping equipment supplied by Schlumberger.

A great and highly instructive technical and human adventure for these apprentice engineers. Many obstacles have to be overcome in order to make the dream of a boat that can sail into a real port come true. But the boat really did sail, finishing sixteenth out of 32 entries. Not bad for a team of beginners!

While the hulls were faultless, the installation of the engines and the boat's  watertightness still suffered from some minor defects that prevented the boat from realizing its full potential. They are looking ahead to next year!

Congratulations to the whole team!