TopSolid, a manufacturing accelerator Made in France (FrenchFab)

In the age of the “Smart Factory”, TopSolid software is a catalyst of Industry 4.0

 What is FrenchFab?

A showcase of French industrial know-how in motion

An identity to symbolize the confidence and pride of all French manufacturers

An entrepreneurial narrative

A banner for playing as a team in France and abroad

An attractive approach to attract talent and capital

Promotion of the know-how of our factories and our engineering offices as traditional skills at the highest level of excellence

The factory of the future “à la française”: Digitizing the value chain - Automation - Role of humans in the factory - Monitoring and control - Energy efficiency and environmental footprint - Composites, new materials and assemblies - Additive manufacturing

The entire French industrial ecosystem, from the smallest to the largest companies

The crossroads of a high-performing traditional industrial base and the ingenuity of our startups

A network of companies, the beating heart of the economy and employment across the country.


Missler Software fully identifies with these values:

-          TopSolid solutions are developed entirely in France, and this is also the case for technical support, specific developments and all of the company’s strategic decision-making. TopSolid is in some ways the heir to the innovative and revolutionary movement, so close in beliefs and yet so far away in time, upheld by France and by Diderot and d’Alembert’s Encyclopédie of the Age of Enlightenment, in which the arts and manufacturing were interwoven. Geometry and production techniques are now translated into CAD, CAM and ERP for manufacture on a CNC machine tool.

-          All the know-how is in France and the constant scrutiny of TopSolid solutions puts the needs of customers at the heart of its daily concerns. This is why Research and Development is continuously progressing to meet these needs. (25% of the company’s turnover)

-          The international network has grown considerably through distributors and the creation of subsidiaries (MS Inc. in the United States, MS Brazil, MS Switzerland, MS Italia Srl, MS Turkey and MS China). 40% of turnover is from exports and more than 10,000 customers use TopSolid outside of France.

-          Missler Software is an advocate and supporter of thriving French industry in constant progression, by offering training to its users to enable them to remain competitive. A team of 20 sales professionals go up and down the country visiting the myriad of SMEs and workshops manufacturing in France. This allows the company to identify needs very quickly, and to innovate continuously thanks to the ideas inspired by French customers (of which there are more than 3,500).

-          Missler Software also has a strong presence in a large number of schools that provide training in the key industrial skills of the future and, as such, is contributing to keeping French competitiveness alive at a national level in the face of aggressive external competition.

-          Over the course of its history, Missler Software has been able to position itself in sectors such as aeronautics, mechanics, metalworking and fitting, among others, offering solutions to the specific demands of each field and reinforcing its expertise and professionalism over the long term.


Missler Software is the world's leading publisher of CAD/CAM/ERP software. With more than 30 years of experience under its belt, Missler Software is in a position to offer a fully integrated CAD/CAM/ERP solution. The company mainly targets the mechanical sector (machinery, tools, etc.), sheet metal work and the wood industry. Wherever a machine interacts with material to machine, shape or produce a part.

The TopSolid product range is fresh, comprehensive and unique on the market. Thanks to its advanced technology and its permanent sense of innovation to the benefit of its customers, Missler Software has grown strongly on the global CAD/CAM market. Today, more than 10,000 companies all over the world use TopSolid.

The company has experienced strong international growth for a decade. Its products are now distributed all over the world and more than 70% of software sales are for the export market. Missler Software has partners in Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa and North and South America. More than 500 employees (Missler software employees and resellers) develop and market TopSolid all over the world, every day. Much to the delight of designers and machine operators.