Amerimold 2018

Missler Software challenged itself to further accelerate mold design and manufacturing, now they are extending that challenge. Stop by booth #410 at Amerimold, June 13-14, in Novi, Michigan, to learn about the Program That Part Challenge – a new program to demonstrate the raw power of the TopSolid solution.

In addition to the Program That Part Challenge, Missler Software will debut TopSolid’Tooling, which groups together TopSolid’Mold, TopSolid’Progress and TopSolid’Electrode, and further speeds mold design and manufacturing. Some of the new TopSolid’Tooling functionality to be unveiled includes:

  • Automated separation of cavity blocks
  • Accelerated definition of moving parts
  • Intuitive positioning of ejection components
  • Regulation design with a safety margin
  • Automated production of workshop documents (electrodes)

Join Missler Software at Amerimold booth 410 to enroll in the Program That Part Challenge and to experience TopSolid’Tooling’s powerful new features.