TopSolid VAR Certification Program

In today’s CAD/CAM market only the most qualified and advanced professionals succeed. TOPSOLID SAS has always believed it to be imperative to have a certification program in place that measures the competencies of our Value-Added Resellers (VARs) around the world. Setting and meeting this certification program ensures that industry professionals are at the forefront of TOPSOLID SAS’s business.

Measuring CAD/CAM VAR competencies

TOPSOLID SAS tests and evaluates its VARs in the following domains:

Mold & Die

VAR reseller competencies are evaluated on a yearly basis to determine if they have met the necessary requirements to become a TopSolid certified reseller in these 4 domains. Competencies evaluated include technical know-how, Sales & Marketing skills, industry experience, etc.

Benefits to the enduser

Thanks to the TopSolid Certification program, the enduser can choose to work with professional VARs that have been certified in a specific industry domain. This ensures that your TopSolid VAR has the necessary skills, training and capabilities to deliver the highest quality work possible.

Benefits to the VAR

The TopSolid Certification program enables VARs to acquire essential skills and training in order to support TopSolid customers in the CAD, Mold & Die, Machining and Wood industries. TOPSOLID SAS evaluates on a yearly basis the competencies of its VAR resellers and provides training for those VARs wishing to remain certified or become certified in a new field. For further information on the TopSolid Certification Program, please contact international@topsolid.com

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