9 February 2021

TarsaEvents manages complex carpentry Accustomed to extraordinary requests, the small Swiss company is able to respond to different type of customers from A to Z. TOPSOLID SAS' software covers the entire design-manufacturing chain, ensuring quality and responsiveness, while allowing customers to validate a larger-than-life 3D model of the future layout project.

Founded in 2008 by Alexandre Tarsa in Moudon, in an idyllic location halfway between the Jorat plateau and the Broye valley in Switzerland, TarsaEvents has developed strong partnerships with players in the event industry in the Lake Geneva region. "For 22 years, I had accumulated a great deal of know-how in the design, manufacture, coordination and assembly of trade show stands," explains the mechanical engineer, who holds a federal diploma in "Project Manager".



"Then, twelve years ago, I decided to create my own company and to surround myself with a young and dynamic team, made up of people from different backgrounds and professions. We can therefore offer our customers a high level of expertise and know-how for every stage, from design to assembly, etc." This is an important advantage which materialized very quickly by means of a supplied order book, in the very demanding field of event industry. The specialty of this SME, which is made up of five people, is the design and manufacture of custom-made furniture for the layout of stands intended for major trade shows.

"The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic brought this activity to a halt and forced us to change our approach," the entrepreneur says. The company has therefore strengthened its activities, which were developed over the last four years, in the field of interior store design as well as carpentry projects for individuals." These are complex projects, such as the one for the Geneva Arena, which require advanced design and manufacturing resources. To better manage these types of projects, the company decided, after an in-depth study of the market, to implement TopSolid'Wood and TopSolid'Cam software, with an advanced imaging option provided by TopSolid'Image. "We used to use a software program that provided the layout drawings, but the increasing complexity of the projects required a more powerful solution, capable of giving the customer a 3D image of its future installation," says Alexandre Tarsa.  

This move towards high-end and tailor-made carpentry was accompanied not only by the installation of a 5-axis machining center from the Italian manufacturer Masterwood in April 2020, but also by the acquisition of these high-performance CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and manufacturing) software programs. "These programs give us the ability to handle more complex applications, model them and show our customers virtual views of their future installation," the engineer says enthusiastically. Aided by experts from the regional agency of the French publisher, the creators of TarsaEvents were able to quickly get started with the software. "We have constant exchanges that facilitate the development of the design and manufacturing solutions adapted to the different types of projects entrusted to us," says Alexandre Tarsa. "This allows us to better assist our customers in choosing the most suitable design for their project (stands, showrooms, sales counters and interior designs).

The different TopSolid'Wood modules manage the most complex furniture from A to Z. From the start, the on-screen configuration of the future project with TopSolid'Wood allows the customer to visualize it in all its facets and to choose different characteristics. These achievements are made possible by the software's powerful, virtually limitless 3D modeling features. We can mention, for example, the modeling of several parts and sub-assemblies in the same file, the realization of assemblies by reassembly (with the layout of the hardware) to be able to structure the projects at its convenience, or the predefined positioning of parts with detection of possible collisions, etc.


TopSolid's know-how for more than 20 years at the heart of the industry, coupled with the industry-specific features of the Wood application, make TopSolid'Wood a unique and unparalleled solution.

In addition, intelligent components (processes, drivers, interchangeability, articulation, etc.) are also available to the designer. "This has enabled us to build a very useful database for each of the completed projects," says the expert. Once the furniture design has been completed, a suitable machining program is created with TopSolid'WoodCam and automatically transferred to the NC machine. The TarsaEvents experts are left to carry out the final operation: the on-site assembly of the furniture. The advantages of TopSolid software have convinced the small Swiss company to consider an expansion and the imminent installation of an additional license.

Advantages of the TopSolid application at TarsaEvents:

  •  detailed 3D modeling of complex applications
  •  the integrated realistic image that allows you to visualize a project from every angle, which facilitates its validation by the customer
  •  the choice of colors or shapes adapted to the project
  •  flawless programming of 5-axis machining

According to Alexandre Tarsa: "Equipped with powerful 3D modeling capabilities, TopSolid'Wood software opens up new perspectives by allowing our customers to analyze and adapt their future using virtual images.”



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