Bonnardel's fitting projects excel thanks to TopSolid’Wood

22 June 2012

The Bonnardel joinery shop, located at Vulaines sur Seine, near Fontainebleau, France, is a family business that was founded in 1925. With its 58 employees, Bonnardel boasts highly specialized skills and know-how in layouts and joinery. In 2007, the company invested in the TopSolid’Wood solution in order to take on more ambitious projects that can only be completed with CAD-CAM software.

Bonnardel often works on major civil engineering projects in prestigious venues. Examples include the VIP booths at the Fontainebleau horse racing track and Air France's Business Class salon at Paris-Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport. Bonnardel's services range from the design to the production and installation of each project. Every project has its own project manager, who is appointed following the project review conducted by the quantity surveyor in the presence of the head of every department. The company also delivers additional on-demand fittings services, from stone facings to wall coverings, mirrors and metalwork.

Why choose TopSolid'Wood?

Bonnardel invested in the TopSolid’Wood CAD software 5 years ago. By opting for a CAD software application, the company was able to broaden its scope of skills and know-how and take on bigger and more complex projects. It was the right choice, because now Bonnardel can work on 5-axis complex shapes. Bonnardel has worked on the creation and renovation of some prestigious sites, including the Louvre museum, the Rolland Garros tennis stadium, the French Senate, the College of France, Paris-Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport and the many buildings that make up the Bank of France.

In 2010 the company set up its own Production Methods department. Mr. Favet, the manager of the new department, was keen to invest in TopSolid’WoodCam. He had already worked with the integrated TopSolid CAD-CAM range in mechanical engineering, and was convinced that Bonnardel would benefit by adopting a single solution for design and manufacturing. TopSolid'WoodCam can be used to automatically produce the ISO programs of the designs, ready to be machined on digitally controlled machining centers. A genuine digital chain is created between the design office and the workshop, avoiding numerous errors and saving a lot of time.


Programming a 5-axis machine with TopSolid’WoodCam

Bonnardel was quick to understand how time could be saved and how potential mistakes could be avoided by installing a digital CAD-CAM chain with TopSolid’Wood. So the company decided to invest in the complete TopSolid’Wood CAD-CAM solution and a new 5-axis Homag BMG 511 machine. Bonnardel now works with a store of some 60 tools and the settings can be maintained throughout the industrial production process, thanks to the integrated TopSolid’Wood CAD-CAM solution. The 5-axis machine automatically positions the suction pads and repositions them in the X and Y axes after cutting. 


The strengths of TopSolid'Wood

Mr. Favret points out three major benefits that are inherent to the TopSolid’Wood solution: 

  • Users can immediately see what they are building, thanks to the 3D modeling functionality.
  • TopSolid’Wood's integrated CAD and CAM features are a key benefit for Bonnardel.
  • The quality and the reliability of the software, plus the excellent relations with Missler Software. Mr. Favret appreciates the fact that the TopSolid’Wood hotline is always ready and available to quickly respond to any problems that Bonnardel may encounter.




Know-how for the future

Bonnardel continues to grow, despite the difficult market. In 2011, the company posted revenues of €16M. Bonnardel is relying on its reactivity and its know-how to consolidate customer loyalty and increase its market share. With even more modern machines and software at the leading edge of technology, the company can face the future with confidence.


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