Complete CAD Solution for Mold Makers

CAD tooling software

Data Exchange

TopSolid'Mold opens and works with most types of CAD Data.

  • Read Native and Neutral Formats
    • Catia v4, Catia v5-6, Creo, NX
    • Solidworks, Inventor, SolidEdge
    • Parasolid, STEP, IGES
    • More information
  • Specific features to repair, clean and analyze imported geometries before molding
Split Core and Cavity Blocks with TopSolid'Mold

Split Core and Cavity Blocks

TopSolid'Mold accelerates Core and Cavity Blocks creation, in a dedicated environnement.

  • Analyze plastic part undercuts, draft angles and wall thicknesses
  • Apply shrinkage factor according to plastic material property
  • Automatic detection of Parting Lines according to molding direction
  • Specific wizard to create Parting Surfaces
  • Define main Inserts, and movements Inserts from the Core and Cavity
  • Generate the final Split Assembly, with Core, Cavity and Inserts
3D tooling modeling software

3D Tooling Features

  • Model your ideas without restriction, express your creativity!
  • Hybrid 3D solid / surface design and modeling
  • Dedicated Mold Making Features
    • Mold Base
    • Cooling circuits
      • Automatic Components: plugs, baffles, connectors
      • Circuit efficiency and leaks
      • Collisions analyses
    • Movements: angle pins, slide, lifters
    • Runners and Gates
    • Ejector Pins and Springs Wizards
Computer-aided manufacturing

Smart Components

TopSolid'Mold provides Smart Components libraries of major manufacturers.

  • Hasco, Meusburger, Rabourdin, DME Europe
  • FCPK, Pedrotti, Polimold, MDL, Fibro
  • PCS, Progressive, DME Inch
  • Futaba, Misumi

Smart Components make their own operations and features, called "Processes", ready to manufacture in TopSolid'Cam

Computer-aided design software

Kinematics Simulation

TopSolid'Mold provides specific kinematics features to animate and control Tooling movements.

  • Visualize the complete open/close cycle of the Mold
  • Check for possible collisions before going into Production
  • Simulate precisely all type of molds movements
    • Angle pins / Slides, with real stroke management
    • Lifters
    • Gears, Racks, Hydraulic Cylinders, Cams, for most complex undercuts release
CAD software

Injection Simulation

TopSolid'Mold, in close collaboration with Simcon®, offers several levels of injection molding simulation.

  •  TopSolid'PlasticFlow, which is totally integrated and allows a first level of analysis before the tooling is made
  •  For a more detailed analysis, TopSolid'Mold offers a dedicated and direct interface with the Simcon software suite
  • These tools allow you to anticipate molding problems and optimize production cycles.
3D Design

Documents for Manufacturing

TopSolid'Mold creates all necessary production-ready documents, such as:

  • 2D Drawings: Automatic Views and Dimensions
  • Accurate Bill of Materials:
    • List of parts to manufacture
    • List of components to buy
    • List of Ejector Pins to cut
    • Automatic Indexig
  • Exploded Assemblies with Mounting/Dismounting steps
TopSolid'Electrode helps you design and document your Electrodes

Electrodes Design

TopSolid'Electrode assist you designing your Electrodes.

  • Electrode creation wizard to isolate eroding area, and define gaps
  • Position mandrels to check collisions
  • Add 3D control points for measurements and quality controls
  • Automatic 2D drawings: single Electrode detail or global drawing
  • Integrated link to TopSolid'Cam for manufacturing.
TopSolid'Mold Integrated Pdm

Integrated PDM

TopSolid'Mold is natively integrated with TopSolid'Pdm, providing a unique user experience.

  • One Application, One User Interface
  • Improves collaboration between sites, teams, and people.
  • Reduces the risk of design and manufacturing errors.
  • Manages Revisions of all types of documents (part, split, mold, etc.).
  • Secure access to data (user's rights) and tracks all changes.
  • Find documents by criteria, by references, by use cases.


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