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Automate your processes

Automate your processes

The need for automation, a crucial factor in productivity, is at the heart of specific development requests.

  • In an environment already using TopSolid software, we act on design, manufacturing and management processes to optimize and rationalize all or part of the digital chain.
Creating innovative applications

Creating innovative applications

  • Innovative products or new design processes sometimes require customized or even dedicated software solutions.
  • Developing such a solution can be extremely costly if it is not based on an already mature platform.
  • The TopSolid platform is designed to accommodate third-party applications; our 30 years of experience in specific development and our numerous customer references bear witness to this.
Interface with other systems

Interface with other systems

The close link between design and management is an important factor in productivity. TopSolid's APIs make it easy to connect to the majority of systems on the market (CAM, ERP, PLM...). Our experts are on hand to develop intelligent gateways according to your needs.

Methodological training

Methodological training

TopSolid'Services offers advanced training courses or customized support. These services, provided by our experts, will enable you to master the advanced functions of TopSolid'Design, TopSolid'Steel and TopSolid'Cam. Once the fundamentals have been acquired during the basic training courses, customized support accelerates your employees' skills development.

Assistance to design offices

Assistance to design offices

In the event of overload, or to speed up the completion of your projects, we can provide you with design office technicians who are experts in the use of TopSolid.

You take charge of project management, while we provide additional resources that are immediately operational.

API training

API training

Improving your organization's productivity also means automating design and manufacturing tasks, and ensuring interoperability with other company systems.

  • TopSolid'Services helps you to automate your processes, while giving you control over their maintenance and evolution, by training your most qualified staff in the use of APIs.

Would you like to improve your productivity with a tool specifically adapted to your activity? Ask TOPSOLID Services to assess your requirements and integrate your business skills into TopSolid.


TOPSOLID Services develops customized applications using the technologies and applications best suited to your context, based on the specifications provided by the customer or produced by TOPSOLID for the customer.

As a CAD software publisher since 1984, TOPSOLID puts at your disposal a development team dedicated to specific applications, with a perfect command of software development techniques.


Do you use one or more TopSolid software products (TopSolid'Design, TopSolid'Wood, TopSolid'Cam, TopSolid'Erp, etc.) and would like to integrate your business skills? Send us your specifications, or contact us so that we can study them together.

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TopSolid'Viewer allows you to view and share any TopSolid document (design, drawing, machining, kinematics etc) without the need for a TopSolid license. TopSolid'Viewer is free of charge and available in versions 6 and 7.

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