24 November 2011

C2L was founded in 1989, with a mission to deliver automated industrial solutions. Today, the company is part of the C2L-APAR group. APAR has been developing made-to-measure technical packaging solutions since 2000.

Together, C2L and APAR offer their customers tailor-made support, from the design to the production of special machines and the maintenance of production tools. This strong partnership is capable of addressing the problems encountered in numerous fields of activity.

Since 2008, C2L has been calling on its know-how and experience of industrial automatic control systems to develop a complete 3D solution. Today, the company has a strong command of all the 3D digitization and reverse engineering techniques, 3D modeling and manufacturing by machining.  This solution is well suited to numerous fields of activity: mechanical engineering, the medical sector, architecture and the preservation of heritage, the reproduction of works of art, etc. By way of example, C2L produced touch-sensitive architectural models of Vincennes chateau and Reims cathedral for the French centre of national monuments.

TopSolid’Design for design purposes

C2L has been using TopSolid’Design since 2009 and, more recently, started using TopSolid’Design 7 to design special machines and 3D architectural models.  The production of all modeled parts will soon be done with TopSolid 7, when the 5-axis machining module is released.
With 20 years of experience various fields of activity and thanks to the performance of the TopSolid software, C2L can bring projects to life so that all their variables can be studied. Digital models can be used to quickly analyze objects in terms of measurements, inspections, performance assessment, etc. And in addition to these functionalities, 3D models can also be used to produce technical views of an object and simulate its behavior. The representation of the real world in a digital form saves a lot of time, while optimizing costs.

The switch to TopSolid'Design 7

C2L switched from TopSolid v6 to TopSolid 7 one year ago. The software upgrade was an important milestone for the company, explains Antoine Lopes, President and CEO of C2L. "We appreciated the manner in which Missler Software, and the office in Evry in particular, approached the change. Our activity demands top-quality services for our customers. So we obviously need top-quality software and excellent service from the software editor. We were not disappointed on this point."
The list below includes just some of the functionalities in TopSolid’Design 7 that convinced C2L:

  • Integrated Pdm
  • The user-friendly interface
  • The exceptionally realistic rendering
  • The integration of an associative CAM module

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