15 Oktober 2020

To effortlessly machine stones After two years of development, Thibaut has developed, thanks to a successful partnership with TOPSOLID SAS, a CAD/CAM solution that allows users to exploit the full potential or their machines. A first on the market.

Founded more than sixty years ago by Bernard Thibaut, the eponymous company specializing in stone processing has today become a substantial industrial group employing 140 people. The company has a strong international presence, with the headquarters in Vire (Calvados), Normandy region, France and several factories, including Calas et Fils, a company purchased in 1999. This company located in Castres (Tarn), Occitanie region, France, specializes in maintenance. In 2000, the group established a very dynamic after-sales service called T.S.B. (Thibaut Structure Bretagne) in Ille-et-Vilaine, Brittany region, France. In 2004, a 600 m² test, development and training center was created and in 2009, the North Zone manufacturing site became CMI (Construction Mécanique Industrielle).


"Today we manufacture a wide range of machines designed to be used in many different fields such as decorating, funeral, construction and roads, large size tiling, architectural concrete, etc.," explains Alain Calas, head of Thibaut's design office. "An offer that includes more than thirty different solutions: cutting machines and CNC machining centers, multifunction manual machines, texturing machines, molding machines, milling machines, edges and flat polishers, etc. are designed to work all types of natural or agglomerated materials.” This feat is illustrated by the 7,000 Thibaut-stamped machines sold in more than 72 countries. Constant innovation is the hallmark of the group whose obsession, in the best sense of the word, is to provide users with the best possible solutions for stone machining.

An exemplary partnership

Developed in close collaboration with the French publisher TOPSOLID SAS, the programming assistance software is part of this approach. “The user simply has to enter the 3D model of the part to be manufactured to obtain the machining strategies suitable to work with the circular saw or polishing," explains Alain Calas. "After having tested a dozen CAD/CAM publishing software, TOPSOLID SAS had both the necessary know-how and the ADS (Application Development System) software platform, which allowed us to develop certain simpler features independently.


Other complex applications have been developed with the help of experts from TOPSOLID SAS." In fact, the Thibaut approach is a real textbook case. "We have forged exemplary partnership relationships with the experts at TOPSOLID SAS," explains the expert. "Our application, based on open, ergonomic software equipped with a native PDM (technical data management) such as TopSolid, has enabled us to develop two specific solutions. The first solution is highly automated and fully configurable. It manages 2D machining tools and processes. The second solution is suitable for more complex 5-axis machining." Therefore, as in any equal partnership, everyone benefits from effective collaboration. Thibaut can offer its users programming assistance adapted to their projects and source of profits. With respect to TOPSOLID SAS, it adds new know-how to its ecosystem and its range of skills. Finally, it is a long-lasting collaboration because Thibaut can count on a reliable partner to develop new and even more intelligent software solutions.


The advantages of using the TopSolid application at Thibaut:

  • autonomy acquired thanks to the use of the ADS (Application Development System) platform
  • fast and efficient development of machining strategies adapted to the applications of Thibaut machine users
  • development flexibility provided by an open, ergonomic software equipped with a native PDM (technical data management) such as TopSolid


Alain Calas' opinion: "We have forged exemplary partnership relationships with the experts at TOPSOLID SAS. Thanks to its ADS (Application Development System) software platform, we were able to independently develop certain simpler features for 2D machining. Other complex applications, such as the 5-axis machine programming, have been developed with the help of TOPSOLID SAS experts"

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