TOPSOLID SAS manages International TopSolid'Forum,

The aim of this forum is to provide users with a mechanism to communicate with each other, and it will allow free discussion between TopSolid users all over the world. The new forum, where English is the language of discussion, will enable TopSolid operators to discuss and ask questions to other operators across the globe, without the forum in any way replacing technical support provided by Missler Software and its VAR reseller network.

With more than 8,000 operators worldwide, TOPSOLID SAS hopes to create a community of TopSolid users where the exchange of ideas, tips and experiences are the order of the day.

The forum is moderated by a number of people both internal and external to TOPSOLID SAS who will reply to certain questions. However, this is a user forum and TOPSOLID SAS will not attempt to respond to all questions.

Forum is open to all, please register and share your experience!

For any questions, contact TopSolid'Forum Administrator at