Save energy by optimizing the production chain

Manufacturing is the driving force of Europe's economy. However against a background of climate change legislation, volatile energy prices and increased environmental awareness, modern manufacturing must encompass a focus on eco-efficiency.

Given the current economic situation, this must be achieved without the need of large capital expenditure. Adding information technology to an already existing production facility is a cost-effective investment. The KAP project will deliver energy management standards and a technology framework for next generation, sustainable manufacturing. KAP stands for Knowledge of past performance, combined with Awareness of the present state, which together can support Prediction of future outcomes.

This philosophy forms the basis of a framework that will enable every existing resource to be used as efficiently as possible through the effective co-ordination of man, machine, material and method. To achieve this goal the project will define a range of sustainable manufacturing standards

  • Measurements will be gathered through a factory-wide network of sensors.
  • Complex Event Processing (CEP) and data stream analysis will compute on-the-fly production performance indicators (PPIs) for real-time monitoring.
  • Data mining in combination with OLAP will support problem diagnosis and resolution.
  • Computational learning techniques will create a self-improving system for operational control.
  • The inclusion of energy management makes the interpretation of system data an even greater challenge.
  • Efficient visualisations will communicate PPI’s to decision makers in a format that will reduce cognitive workload and improve situation awareness.