Improve all the composite part product chain

FibreChain main goal is to control all the composite part chain from the design of the composite material to the metrology analysis to control the product quality.

Lightweight components and their energy-efficient production will form one of the most important key factors for the European industry to fulfil the ever increasing global demands. 

Nowadays, for 3D-shaped, multi-layered products based on flexible materials only specialized and semi-automated manufacturing equipment is available. The project aims at the development of worldwide first automated turnkey manufacturing systems for fibre-reinforced thermoplastic composites (FRTC) addressing public and private transportation, mechanical, chemical and civil engineering as well as consumer goods.


FibreChain promote a world leading European fibre-reinforced plastics (FRP) industry. It would more than double the productivity by profitability, energy-efficiency and flexible manufacturing of FRTCs products:

  • Customised and yet highly automated production
  • Multi-functional (laser) equipment-Near-Net-Shape production (scrap rates down to 3%)
  • Integrated measurement systems-Knowledge and simulation models along all processes
  • Knowledge database