Dry To Fly

Intelligent subtractive 3D Manufacturing of large dimension part, Economic and Environmental high performance.

DryToFly provides a global response to develop new innovative hybrid approaches in break with conventional paradigms to decrease more than 30% of the large parts production costs:

  • by decreasing the material usage
  • by decreasing  the machines investment and possession costs
  • by accelerating the parts industrialization improving the environmental impact of the used techniques

The project goal is to revolution the traditional addictive and subtractive approaches which reach the performance limites for the large parts machining

The major innovations are:

  • a new machine architecture based on the local machining
  • advanced tools for the cryogenic assisted machining
  • new substractive (advanced machining) and additive manufacturing strategies by Stratoconception®
  • new machining cycles
  • machinig driving in real time assisted by the machining monitoring and the adapted command


Dry To Fly Consortium :


CETIM, Technical Center for the mechanical industry, Saint Lys, France


CIRTES Recherche & Developpement, European  Rapid Product   developpement  center, Saint-Dié, France


EMC², Industrial cluster to advanced manufacturing technologies, Nantes, France


EVATEC TOOLS, cut tools tungsten carbide special, Thionville, France


INORI Plateform of innovation, rapid intelligent tools, Saint-Dié, FRANCE


MATERALIA, Cluster of competitiveness for materials,  FRANCE


MECACHROME, Global leader in precision mechanics, Montréal, CANADA


MPM MF, Groupe Meyer FRANCE, Saint Etienne, France


VIAMECA, competiveness cluster of intelligent mechanical systems, Clermont-Ferrand, FRANCE