Develop a Cloud based system to optimize the CAx technologies for the Additive Manufacturing

CAxMan (Computer Aided Technologies for Additive Manufacturing) objectives are to establish Cloud* based Toolboxes, Workflows** and a One Stop-Shop for CAx-technologies supporting the design, simulation and process planning for Additive Manufacturing (AM).

AM is a technology that is becoming more and more attractive for production. Also known as 3D printing, parts are materialized layer by layer enabling new types of shapes that cannot be produced with traditional manufacturing procedures (for example: parts can have complex cavities and holes etc. for weight reduction). In many cases this cannot be achieved by subtractive manufacturing as the tools may not be able to remove material within the object or to reach positions that are inaccessible because of the tool geometry. AM can be conducted with different materials, such as plastics or metal, thus opening up for a wide range of potential products.


* the Cloud is an unlocalized space which share the distant computer powerfull with a workstation.

** a workflow is a logical flow of process or operations.