ARCADES redesigns the future of CAD

ARCADES (Algebraic Representations in Computer-Aided Design for complEx Shapes) aims at disrupting the traditional paradigm in Computer-Aided Design (CAD) by exploiting cutting-edge research in mathematics and algorithm design.

Geometry is now a critical tool in a large number of key applications; somewhat surprisingly, however, several approaches of the CAD industry are outdated, and 3D geometry processing is becoming increasingly the weak link. This is alarming in sectors where CAD faces new challenges arising from:

  • fast point acquisition
  • big data
  • mobile computing
  • but also in robotics, simulation, animation, fabrication and manufacturing

The challenge taken up by ARCADES is to invert the trend of CAD industry lagging behind mathematical breakthroughs and to build the next generation of CAD software based on strong foundations from algebraic geometry, differential geometry, scientific computing, and algorithm design. Our game-changing methods lead:

  • to real-time modelers for architectural geometry and visualisation
  • to isogeometric and design-through-analysis software for shape optimisation, and marine design & hydrodynamics
  • to tools for motion design, robot kinematics, path planning, and control of machining tools