TopSolid’Progress helps you prepare your engineering projects

  • Standard and native interfaces: IGES, STEP, DXF / DWG, CATIA, PTC, Parasolid, SAT
  • Data clean-up and repair
  • Conversion into sheet metal, identification of folds, loss management
  • Unfolding / unstamping
  • Nesting, material engagement
  • Strip creation by specific operation: cutting, folding, deformation, shearing

TopSolid’Progress makes strip design easier

  • Unfolding (with management of losses in folds) and unstamping
  • Definition of characteristics of strips, multi-part strips, assembly strips, transferred stations
  • Specialized cutting, folding, deforming and shearing operations
  • Step-by-step calculation of intermediate forming and unstamping steps 
  • Insertion and removal of stations
  • Calculation of multi-pass cylindrical stamping, supports
  • Calculation of efforts

TopSolid’Progress capitalizes on your work

  • Assembly of mold bases, standard plates, user plates, foundry plates
  • Standard die bases, customizable die base assembly libraries
  • Standard component libraries by supplier: guides, attachments, cutting, pilots, springs, accessories
  • Automatic and associative dimensioning of standard components, installation wizards
  • Automatic machining with parts in contact, customizable clearances
  • Addition of user components

TopSolid’Progress improves the quality of your engineering

  • Cutting matrices, clearance management, release of cut-offs
  • Cutting punches, shoulders, heads, wave cutting
  • Folding punches and matrices, advanced management of overfolding
  • Deformation punches and matrices
  • Insert blocks
  • Kinetics wizard with collision detection

TopSolid’Progress reduces your time-to-production

  • Collaborative design methodology
  • Automatic stock calculation
  • Strip drawing, cut-out zones, pilots, notes describing the operations
  • Overall drawings (standard views or open book), interruption of sections to check the heights
  • Automatic and indexed BOMs
  • Automatic detail drawings, dimensions with tolerances, drilling tables

TopSolid’Progress to produce and manage

  • Assisted organization by assemblies and levels
  • Direct and associative links with TopSolid’Cam and TopSolid’Wire for the workshop CAM