TopSolid’Mold speeds up the design of core cavity blocks

  • Global or differential control of shrinkage factors
  • Rapid analysis of drafts and back drafts of plastic parts
  • Automatic detection of parting lines
  • Assisted creation of parting surfaces

TopSolid’Mold adapts to your working methods

  • Preliminary study mode for quick quotes
  • Incorporation of changes to parts in the design process
  • Management of multiple core cavity blocks and versioned molds

TopSolid’Mold helps you define all moving parts

  • Library of mold bases (standard or custom)
  • Installation of the standard components required to define the movement (slides, pins, etc.)
  • Automatic adjustment of components to respect the defined path

TopSolid’Mold for optimal creation of cooling circuits

  • Creation of cooling circuits on 3D sketch
  • Circuit views
  • Automatic positioning of cooling components

TopSolid'Mold quickly produces drafts for moldmakers

  • Injection / Ejection views, local cutaways
  • Automatic dimensioning of drilled holes
  • Structured bills of material, adapted blistering