The leading product for mechanical CAD/CAM, from SMEs to the engineering departments of major manufacturing groups

The TopSolid’DesignPro/Educ integrated 3D digital design chain, with its smart incorporation of external CAD files, production and simulation of milling and multi-axis lathing with material controls, machine travel and collisions, interactive production of workshop documents and machine programs.

TopSolid’Cam is used to work on 3D models in an environment with tolerances thanks to the integration of the CAD file, which can be produced in TopSolid or retrieved from another software application. You can use the pop-up menu to define the stock model and place the part in position for machining in just a few clicks. Press the surfaces of the solid and TopSolid'Cam proposes the possible trajectories. You can produce the ISO file of your machine in just 40 seconds.