The global CAD/CAM solution for milling, lathing, MillTurn and erosion

  • A simple, intuitive, global and scalable CAD/CAM solution that can be adapted to the needs of every company
  • Complete integration with the TopSolid range for CAD/CAM for the machining, sheet metal and wood industries
  • A uniquely user-friendly and innovative interface
  • Protect your know-how in the long term with TopSolid's methods

An expert in every market segment: from simple to high added-value parts

  • Extra-fast generation of paths by strategy propagation
  • With TopSolid'Cam, controlling a lathe/grinder or a continuous 5-axis machining center is easy and consistent
  • Preview of choices, reliable and accurate simulations that manage all the inter-operation movements, possible collisions, the travel of each axis and management of residual material all contribute to minimizing the time spent fine-tuning

The ideal tool for production engineering

  • Integrated with a powerful CAD associated with machining
  • Native interoperability, irrespective of the CAD system used
  • Management of tolerances with the FreeShape tool
  • Extensive libraries of cutting tools and cutting conditions
  • High-performance, specially adapted and personalized machine packs and post-processors
  • A solution for the workshop

The ideal solution for tools

  • Management of all needs (2D, 3D, 4 and 5-axis, wire, etc.)
  • Control of electrodes
  • Rapid calculations (use of multi-core processors)
  • Continuous 5-axis machining
  • Automation of machining