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Newsletter   #92
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#Missler Software welcomed its international resellers and internal staff for its annual TopSolid seminar in Lisbon.

This 4-day event gathered more than 200 partners from all over the world in the spirit of sharing and exhanging information and experience. 

Through meetings, workshops and individual interviews, the seminar participants had the opportunity to look back over 2016, and look at what's ahead for 2017.

This 2017 seminar kicked off with a plenary session in order to present the company's strategic plan as well as the 2016 results.

Product managers took advantage of the event to showcase the latest features and benefits of the new 2017 version of TopSolid.

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The C-FAST project obtains investment for the Futur Program

C-FAST (Design for additive manufacturing by Stratoconception® using TopSolid®) is a Research & Development project sponsorised by Missler Software in partnership with CIRTES to develop the Additive Manufacturing sector using an innovative 3D industrial printing method by Stratoconception®.

For a total cost of 4.3 million euros over 3 years, 2.2 millions euros are funded by the Investments for the Futur Program, which is managed by the Investment General Commissariat (CGI) and operated by BpiFrance. The funding breaks down into 830 000 euros in grants and 1.4 million euros in reimbursable advances. 


# Missler Software and Audros Technology launch a connector between their CAD and PLM solutions

Audros technology, Audros Techninal EDM and PLM software publisher, and Missler Software, TopSolid CAD/CAM/ERP software publisher, are pleased to announce their technological partnership.
This partnership is the opportunity to co-develop a simplified connector from TopSolid to Audros, allowing the exchange of data between CAD and PLM. 

The CAD systems generate a set of essential data and documents for design quality and product manufacturing. To decompartmentalise the design office in order to give quick and simple access to all departments of the extended company, it is essential to implement a unique and shared repository managing data during the products' life cycle. 

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TopSolid Hint


# TopSolid'Cam Hint #153

When a part or an operation is repeated, TopSolid allows you to change any of the parameters of the repeated operation. A red marker indicates that the selected parameter is no longer the same as the original. If you click on this marker, you can restore the original value
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# Couach boosts the design of its super-yachts

In the ruthless world of shipbuilding, the Arcachon-based company made out well with its constant innovations and the elegant interior designs of military ships and yachts that lure their clients. An approach based in particular on the TopSolid'Wood...
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# Pedrotti library available in TopSolid 7 - A collaboration "Made in Italy"

A perfect understanding between Pedrotti and Missler Software Italy has accelerated development times.

Pedrotti standard libraries for TopSolid'Mold 7, version 7 now features Pedrotti standard component libraries and perflectly meets the requirements of TopSolid users supplied by the Italian group. The collaboration between the technical teams at Pedrotti and Missler Software Italy has been great from the start; speeding up production times, while guaranteeing high data quality.

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36M€ Turnover 2016
7 New resellers in the world in 2016
208 New customers in France in 2016