Missler Software celebrates its 30th anniversary!

Since the creation of Missler Informatique in 1984, which then became Missler Software in 2000, the publisher of software for the mechanical, wood and sheet metal work industries has acquired a renown that stretches worldwide. In 1981, the Missler brothers set up a subsidiary of their mechanical engineering company to develop software to complement numerical control systems. This was a time of French CAD/CAM pioneers, such as CNI in Lyon, which became a part of Missler Software in 2001. The latter was highly successful at the end of the 1990s. At this point, the decision was taken to continue to develop by teaming up with other software publishers (Catalpa in Grenoble and Topcad in Toulouse) to form Missler Software and deliver innovative software solutions that tightly integrate design engineering and manufacturing. The 2000s saw a turning point in the group's history with the start of the internationalization of the TopSolid product range on the pioneer markets in Canada, Japan and Germany. Since then, the company has built a network of more than 80 resellers all over the world. It is now a leading French middle-market company, with 230 employees, subsidiaries in Chicago, Delémont, Shanghai and Modena, and turning over a record-breaking €28 million in 2014.

Missler Software will celebrate its 30th birthday in the heart of the Camargue in the south of France, just a few kilometers from the town of Arles, with 350 employees and loyal international resellers. From June 12 - 14, 2015, the festivities will include trips to explore the Camargue, team-building and sporting activities and parties in the evening with a strong local accent, all in a welcoming and relaxing venue stretching over more than 35 hectares.

The annual international seminar, with its sales and technical workshops, will be held just before the two-day celebration. It will also be an opportunity to reward the best international resellers and the top French salespeople, and to present the technical innovations developed in the course of the year.

Missler Software's 30th anniversary celebrations will also be a time to thank all those who have played a part in our story, with a vitality and an energy that have never wilted over the years, both in product development and sales all over the world.  Long live TopSolid and Missler Software!