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TopSolid web site in Italian

Missler Software has recently launched the new revamped Italian web site The new site reflects the major importance of the Italian speaking market for Missler Software. Within Europe, Italy represents Missler Software's important export market. Missler Software has several subsidiaries located in Triviso, Modena and Torino. Visitors can easily discover all there is to know about the TopSolid range of CAD/CAM solutions on offer, customer references, TopSolid resellers,…

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TopSolid at IMTS 2010

Missler Software and resellers presented the integrated TopSolid CAD/CAM software range at the upcoming IMTS show on booth E-3816 from 13-18 September. Many interesting innovations were presented on this year’s IMTS including TopSolid 2010 and the next generation CAD software TopSolid 7. 2010 innovations TopSolid’Cam 2010 facilitates the design and modification of symmetrical parts, the simultaneous edition of cutting conditions of several parts and now manages the parallel processing of…

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Shanghai seminar to launch TopSolid 7

On June 24th 2010 Missler Software will host a 1 day seminar in Shanghai to launch the release of TopSolid 7 in China. The Chinese launch coincides with the opening of a new Missler Software China office in Shanghai based in the French Rhone-Alpes pavilion of the Universal Exposition. This is an exclusive event for value-added resellers, CNC machine representatives, industry decision-makers, and current TopSolid customers at a special, festive 1-day seminar on the site of the Shanghai Expo 2010.…

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New Missler Software development centre in Switzerland

Missler Software, an international CAD/CAM software developer of integrated CAD/CAM solutions, recently opened a new development centre in Delémont, in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. The new subsidiary is called Missler Software Switzerland and will be in charge of the development of CAD/CAM solutions for the Swiss turn market, an activity which Missler Software believes to be complementary to its core CAD/CAM TopSolid range. 4 employees will be based in the new offices. The creation…

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TopSolid 7.3 – Significant performance improvements

TopSolid 7.3, the latest version of the 7th generation of the integrated software range TopSolid will be launched in the upcoming weeks in March 2010. CAD for the mechanical engineering is now available with the version TopSolid 7.3. The CAM module of TopSolid 7 (which will complete the integration that is the hallmark of the TopSolid range) will be completed in the second semester of 2010. The key characteristics of the TopSolid 7 CAD solution are: Significant performance benefits - The end…

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TopSolid’Progress 2010

Missler Software has recently announced the release of the latest version of TopSolid'Progress, its CAD/CAM solution for progressive die and press tool designers. TopSolid'Progress provides all the required functions to help designers compute sheet metal part blanks, design the strip layout and dies far faster than with a standard CAD software. The software manages all cutting, folding and forming stages of the sheet metal, creation of the die set, addition of standard components together with…

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50-75% time gains with TopSolid'Cam 2010

Thanks to the possibility to carry out parallel calculations with the new multi-core processors available on the market TopSolid'Cam 2010 offers dramatically reduced calculation times (a reduction of 50-75% depending on the number of cores) notably in 3-5 axis operations which require a lot of power. Parallel calculations take advantage of the full technical capabilities of the latest generation of PCs with multi-core processors. Parallel processing optimises calculation times by managing…

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TopSolid'Wood 2010 - Intelligent management of components

Missler Software, number 2 French CAD/CAM developer is now launching TopSolid'Wood 2010, its new integrated CAD/CAM solution for the wood industry. The 2010 version optimises the creation and management of standard components while adapting in an associative manner the programming of cabinets, doors and hinges. TopSolid'Wood 2010 can export BOMs, offers highly customisable calibration and new, improved nesting functions and proposes an interior design graphical configurator.Smarter componentsThe…

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Another successful TopSolid international seminar

Missler Software recently held its annual reseller conference at the end of January in Barcelona. The 2010 conference welcomed more than 150 TopSolid VARs (Value Added Resellers) and internal Missler Software staff from all over the world. This year's seminar coincided with the imminent launch of TopSolid 2010 and the increasing interest around the company's new software range TopSolid 7. TopSolid 2010 will be available from March 2010 onwards. There are many important, new evolutions for the…

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TopSolid 7 is windows 7 certified.

Microsoft has confirmed that TopSolid 7 is now fully compatible with Windows 7.

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