Control TopSolid via our API to increase productivity

Controlling TopSolid with ease

TopSolid'Automation is TopSolid's API which allows users to easily control TopSolid.

  1. Increased productivity for less risk of errors
  2. Complete integration of your applications

Increased productivity for less risk of errors

The time investment required to master this development tool is therefore undoubtedly well spent.

Full integration of your applications

By allowing communication with other software, TopSolid'Automation is a powerful tool for the successful integration of CAD/CAM applications into your digital process chain and covers a wide range of areas:

  • Data exchange with sales or production management systems
  • Automation of part and assembly manufacturing processes
  • Automated data import
  • Automated generation of drawings
  • Data exchange with tool management systems
  • Automated machining generation
  • Automated ISO code generation

All these possible uses make TopSolid'Automation a valuable and reliable tool for the optimization of industrial processes. This tool is included in TopSolid and its use is completely free of charge. TOPSOLID also offers training and support to its users.

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