Not only can TopSolid’Sheetmetal handle all types of external projects, but it is also a highly reliable design tool. Professionals can use the specialized sheet metal work functions to guarantee the consistency of the project in every step of the industrialization process.

The only integrated CAD/CAM solution on the sheet metal work market

Machining parts that differ in their dimensions or by adding other items is now commonplace. TopSolid’Sheetmetal can make these operations perfectly reliable and associates the CAD tool with the CAM software.

Reduced programming time with a CAM tool specialized in punching and a powerful CAM cutting tool

The automatic punching control system, combined with the wealth of manual functions, allow TopSolid'Sheetmetal to offer fast and expert machining.
The software offers users a high-performance module to control cutting machines and minimize material losses.

    The centralization of the data optimizes nestings, while reducing material rates and controlling off-cuts

    The centralization and control of the data guarantee profitability and productivity. TopSolid’Sheetmetal meets this need by proposing a control panel that centralizes all the work orders.