From made-to-measure to series production: TopSolid can adapt

In addition to the demand for high security, this sector's needs range from a single part to large production runs. The only common denominators are complex materials, machining strategies that have to be adapted to future usages, and absolutely faultless traceability.

Production is not limited to just one part

A complete environment is necessary, whether for the prosthesis, the storage bins, the tools or the packaging. TopSolid meets all these needs in every field. This sector of activity was quick to demand traceability and quality. Because TopSolid does much more than simply producing ISO code, but also covers the complete process, it has become one of the leading players on this market.

Budget restrictions now affect this market too

Just like any other field of activity, the medical sector is faced with falling sale prices. Companies have had to find more competitive means of production and their workshops are now full of complex machines. At the same time, TopSolid has also drastically cut the time taken to program and to make modifications, so that you can become more competitive.