Picco Yacht Design

14 September 2010

Employing 5 people Picco Yacht Design, represents in Italy and internationally, an important source of talent and technological innovation in the nautical sector. Massimo Picco, studio director is famous for his innovative choices and talent since an early age (he designed his first boat at the age of 18).

Since the migration of the Engineering and Research Department to TopSolid, PYD benefits from the complete integration on offer with the TopSolid range of CAD/CAM solutions. Aesthetics is the basis of all studio design concepts. From the initial hand sketches PYD carries out the solid and surface concept of the entire project by carefully maintaining the compromise between the tastes of the designer and the needs of the boat owner.

The main objective is not only to receive an exceptional result on paper but also in the water. The challenge faced by PYD is to carefully merge all these factors and requirements while assuring that the boat meets the norms required to obtain the EU sailing certification.

The studio verifies all details from the definition of the hull and accessories, performance verification, three-dimensional simulation of the sail plan and optimisation of the deck plan. An integrated system permits the general performance of the boat to be known and optimized from the conception stage onwards.

PYD – the choice of TopSolid

“The choice of TopSolid was based on different factors which increase our value-added and enhance our experience and competence in yacht design” explains Massimo Picco. 2005 has been an exceptional year for TopSolid in the nautical domain. A solid experience together with a real passion for this sector has enabled Missler Software to occupy an important position in the domain. The choice of TopSolid by PYD clearly confirms the technological potential of TopSolid.

From 2D design to the creation of surfaces TopSolid offers a parametric optimization from the conception of the hull. The possibility of verifying the solid and surface construction by hybrid and parametric methods facilitates design tests and modifications.

An important strong point for boat designers like PYD is the ability to design in situ (free and parametric) which enables the verification of positions and obstacles quickly thereby drastically reducing trial times. This process also incorporates a dynamic analysis (for the interior layout, piping …)
The standard libraries available represent a further important strong point of TopSolid. The software comprises standard components of the nautical sector and the wood industry (winches, push locks, furniture, kitchens, sanitary appliances …) It is also possible to save customisable components with their assembly procedures. TopSolid’Wood and TopSolid’Fold, dedicated to the wood and sheet metal sectors are integrated TopSolid solutions available for the nautical sector.

The powerful draft creation functions ,associative with the 3D file, is an important factor for the designer who is often limited during this important stage as he is obliged to carry out several CAD operations to obtain his conception cycle (sketch, study, construction, verification, optimization, rendering, draft creation …)

TopSolid also offers management of technical data, structural calculation (dynamic, static, thermal), piloting of numerically controlled machines for shipyards (turning and milling centres, laser cutting machines, machines for the wood industry …) The integrated solution offered by TopSolid allows all components and parameters to be modified in total security while instantaneously maintaining the numerical chain throughout the design to manufacturing process.

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